CDMG Shares Advantages of the Design-Build Method

CDMG is the leading design/build company based in Pennsylvania. The company has released an article discussing the advantages of the design-build method. CDMG emphasizes the importance of the design-build method as a project delivery system that houses planning, design, and construction under a single contract.

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The post discusses the differences between the design-build method and the design-bid-build method, which is more complicated than the former. CDMG explains that design-bid-build requires the client to work with two different contracts, that is, for design and construction, which may result in coordination problems between teams. In addition, the article adds, there is a lack of accountability too, which means the architect and the contractor could end up blaming each other when working on projects.

Emphasizing the importance of the design-build approach, CDMG says there is little to no problem of responsibility and accountability when a problem arises when using this method.

Efficient communication is the hallmark of the design-build approach, which speeds up the construction process and improves the project timeline. The best thing about the design-build teams is that they comprise people who know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and have experience working together toward one goal. The right design-build approach gets the job done quickly, and the responsibility is easily fixed in the event of any problems with the project.

The post identifies the single source of accountability, teamwork, and coordination as one of the most significant advantages of the design-build approach. CDMG boasts the best design-build teams that work toward the same goal of completing a project on time and within budget. The contractor is aware of the skills of each member of the team and allots tasks accordingly to ensure continuity in workflow and increased efficiency and productivity. This is the right way to help maximize staff efficiency.

The article asserts that the unified approach with design and construction can decrease costs in the long run for the project owner and prevent disputes over additional design features.

Another advantage of hiring the services of a design-build company is their customizable approach to construction, as project owners can work closely with design and construction teams to produce customized structures.

Qualified design-builders at CDMG bring a wealth of construction experience to each project and can make quick decisions to accelerate the schedule. They work with reliable and pre-qualified subcontractors who are committed to faster project completion. The post shows the advantages of choosing the design-build method for projects, emphasizing the shorter completion time, improved project efficiency, reduced bid time, better communication, and speedy internal conflict resolution.

CDMG prides itself on its design-build team that guarantees a more efficient project with lower costs, faster delivery, and less overall risk. The Pennsylvania design-build company is adept at managing the project in coordination with its contractor partners, improving the constructability and operability of the facility in the earliest stages of the design process.

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