CDMG Metal Buildings Compares Pros and Cons Of Prefab Metal Buildings Vs Wood Buildings

Pennsylvania-based CDMG, the leader in prefabricated metal buildings, explains the advantages and disadvantages of steel and wood buildings. Wood was once the most popular construction material due to its abundance, affordability, and flexibility. Steel, on the other hand, has gradually taken over and become the preferred material for warehouse, commercial, and industrial projects.

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Pre-engineered metal buildings are superior to wood buildings

A wood structure might look more appealing looking at the initial price tag, states CDMG, advising that cheaper is not always better in the construction industry. One should not take the risk of choosing cheaper construction materials. “You get what you pay for. Looking at the cost over time, it makes more sense financially to go with a commercial steel building,” says Thomas Corry, Metal Building Division Manager.

The metal building company details the difference between metal buildings used for residential and commercial buildings.

The Pennsylvania steel building kit supplier explains that wood constructions tend to deteriorate over a period of time, involving a lot of money on repair and maintenance, exceeding the cost of building a pre-engineered steel structure. Wood rots and requires repair or overhaul frequently, while steel maintains its integrity longer and will not need a lot of annual maintenance.

CDMG explains how a custom-engineered metal building kit can appreciate the property's value that it is erected on. There is a relative depreciation in the value of a traditional timber building, as wood is vulnerable to different elements. Drywall and other wooden components can crack and distort, which affects the stability and durability of a wood structure.

“Although the initial cost of a wooden structure might be a little more favorable than metal building systems, the money you spend over time repairing damages and making renovations will exceed what you'd spend on building a steel structure, to begin with,” Thomas states.

The top steel building erecter in Pennsylvania designs pre-engineered steel building kits that can stand firm against elements, termites, and pests.

Its strength and non-combustible properties give business owners more reasons to choose steel for their building projects. Metal structures are screwed together with connective joints that give metal buildings an edge over wooden constructions.

CDMG explains that metal buildings require concrete piers at each column designed to provide proper structural stability and design load-bearing capacity. This prevents moisture and decay from impacting the structure.

The prefab metal building kit supplier in Pennsylvania admits that the initial cost of a metal building is high, but its lifelong advantages outweigh the initial expenses.

Comparing another advantage of steel versus wood, CDMG notes that wood-framed building's materials arrive as raw lumber compared to prefab steel building constructions that only require assembling, saving time, money, and effort.

The leading metal building company utilizes Building Information Modeling 3D software for design before construction to detect any potential problems in the erection stage. Another advantage of metal buildings is that they can be erected in a few weeks or months, unlike wood structures that may take a long time to complete.

CDMG is the leader in pre-engineered metal buildings and can custom design metal buildings to meet specific business or industry requirements. While wooden structures are aesthetically pleasing, they require a high level of upkeep and consistent maintenance to prevent deterioration of aesthetic elements. Prefab metal buildings have a lower maintenance cost because there is no rotting, splitting, or warping of steel.

CDMG is known for designing customizable pre-engineered steel buildings that are the best choice for commercial and industrial companies.

Another disadvantage is that wooden frames cannot be recycled and are often demolished or taken to landfills. The Pennsylvania steel building company explains that prefabricated metal buildings are more environmentally friendly and cost-effective than traditional building materials.

CDMG’s pre-engineered metal buildings use steel that is 90% recycled, making their buildings environmentally friendly. Anybody interested to construct their next project with a pre-engineered metal building kit can connect with CDMG on its website and save on time, money, and resources.


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