Caught In The Paranormal Is An Exciting New Blog For Readers Interested In Paranormal Activity

Caught InTheParanormal is a newly launched blog that discusses paranormal events, locations, people, stories, and concepts.

Paranormal events are widely perceived, anecdotal phenomena that are well known in popular culture but don’t have any scientific explanation. It is an umbrella term for concepts such as telepathy, ghost hunting, spiritualism, extrasensory perception, and other claimed phenomena that people reportedly experience but science can’t fully explain. The articles on deal with the aforementioned topics and present a fresh perspective on them. Those who believe in the paranormal will appreciate the deep dives that the articles on the website will be taking on their corresponding topics.

One blog post gives an overview of the study of paranormal activity that tends to interest those who actively follow the field. It describes ghost hunting tours as a common way of getting one’s feet wet in the realm of the supernatural. Homes that are considered haunted because of interesting or tragic histories behind them are visited by tourists guided by professional crews. These tours can happen all year round or only during the season of scares i.e. Halloween.

The blog post also talks about the TV shows that delve into the paranormal subject matter. It gives examples of shows such as the Dead Files, Paranormal Activity, and others that do their best to accurately represent the advancements and current state-of-the-art techniques that are being used in the field. In the Dead Files, one investigator analyzes the deaths that occurred in the haunted house while another team member walks through the house trying to get a first-hand experience of the paranormal activity that was reported in it.

The shows focus on investigative teams that use motion-sensing equipment as they stay overnight or walk through the haunted locations trying to record paranormal activity on camera for conclusive proof. The investigators check for shadowy figures, orbs, sudden changes in temperatures, discrepancies in video footage, and EMF readings to study the existence of paranormal activity.

The blog post cites Google search activity as an indicator that more and more people are getting interested in studying paranormal activity. It mentions that many people are not confident in expressing their beliefs in the paranormal because of their fear of being ridiculed. However, as more and more evidence is being unearthed daily, skeptics turn into believers and the interest in paranormal activity keeps on growing. The blog post leaves the reader pondering on the question of whether the study of paranormal activity is science or science fiction.

A few other blog posts on the website discuss topics such as ghost hunting and psychics. The article on ghost hunting shares tips on how to get the most out of a ghost hunting trip. It suggests locations that are good spots for hunting for paranormal activity. The article on psychics discusses the history behind parapsychology, the study of the paranormal. It talks about the pioneers in the field, their experiments, the modern-day perception of the field, and ultimately concludes by trying to give an honest answer about the legitimacy of parapsychology.

A spokesperson for the blog talks about the popularity of paranormal investigations by saying, “We are seeing an increased interest in the paranormal and supernatural world from people all over the country. People are going beyond universally accepted wisdom and asking questions pertaining to the nature of life and existence itself. The possibility of the presence of unknown forces from another world affecting our lives has many terrifying implications but they also serve to explain some of the frustrations of the modern world. I think that the renewed interest in the paranormal is related to the disillusionment that people are feeling with man-made systems of oppression. The search for better answers is driving people to ask more and more difficult questions. We are here for every one of our readers. Please check out our website at and bookmark it to stay updated with our articles.”


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