Catalina Behavioral Health Joins Ranks Of Top Arizona Rehab Centers

Tucson AZ based Catalina Behavioral Health is making their team available to all those seeking top tier, evidence based mental health and addiction treatment services in Arizona and across the Southwest and United States as a whole. With a newly launched facility that boasts both experienced personnel and world-class services, the rehab center is ready to help the vulnerable in their community start getting their lives back on track.

Those who visit Catalina Behavioral Health today will find a number of amenities that make it a strong option that stands tall among the best rehab centers in the country. With an industry leading counselor-to-client ratio and a beautiful Arizona rehab campus, for instance, their offerings will provide a needed facility for their community of Tucson as well as Phoenix and the whole of Maricopa County. The center is pleased to confirm that they accept many major insurance carriers, and have established in-network status with top providers. As such, the staff and clinical team at Catalina want to make it known that effective treatment for Arizona residents and beyond is now more accessible than ever. Any individual — or the loved one of someone in trouble — looking for the top rehabs in Arizona need go no further than Catalina’s welcoming doors.

A smiling young woman has found sobriety with the help of Catalina Behavioral Health

One of Catalina’s primary strengths is the fact that they take a holistic approach to treatment. A person suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction, for instance, is often more susceptible to mental health conditions that in turn may make recovery more difficult, especially if attempted without professional help or the support of loved ones. Conversely, people with mental health conditions have also been known to take to substance use in certain circumstances, such as in an attempt to self-medicate or otherwise seek relief from their condition. If a client is suffering from both a mental health condition as well as an addiction, this is known as a dual diagnosis (or co-occurring disorder).

The team at Catalina understands that this can be difficult for clients to face, and they are ready and willing to put the center’s full suite of resources at their disposal to ensure they continue their journey towards lasting sobriety and stability, ultimately reaching a point where they can lead their lives free of substance abuse and with practical accommodations for their mental health needs.

The center’s dual diagnosis treatment programs are built on distinct services that can independently treat addiction and mental health conditions as well. Catalina clarifies that each client is treated as a unique individual whose needs may not necessarily reflect those of others in similar situations. Instead, they are given every opportunity to express themselves and what they are looking for, which in turn influences how the team develops their personalized treatment program. A client’s requirements may evolve over time as well, and the rehab center confirms that mental health resources will always be available for those who initially arrive looking for support addressing an addiction (and vice versa). Licensed staff are also on hand around the clock to ensure clients receive support as soon as it is needed.

Catalina Behavioral Health will offer both an Inpatient Treatment and an Intensive Outpatient Program, allowing clients to choose between residential care and a curated blend of accessibility and accountability. Following each assessment, the team will make a recommendation as to which option is more viable for their circumstances, and professional advice of this nature will be made available to both the client and their loved ones throughout their time with Catalina Behavioral Health.

The center also will provide a Partial Hospitalization Program for those who need a combination of flexibility and structure in their journey. Further, many will benefit from Catalina’s ongoing Outpatient Services, which are designed to support a client and help them maintain sobriety.

With spacious rooms, a range of beneficial activities that include guided exercise and yoga, culinary delights that satiate both the body and mind and more — all set amid the serenity of the foothills of the Sonoran Desert — Catalina Behavioral Health is positioned to help clients make significant and enduring headway in their recovery. Their team encourages all interested parties to reach out at any time of day to speak with their warm and welcoming admissions team regarding the availability of any and all programs. Get in touch here: Drug Rehab Arizona.


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