Cash Offer On House Provides Method To Sell House For Cash In Portland CT

Landrum, South Carolina based real estate investment company Cash Offer On House recently published a new blog post detailing how to sell one’s house for cash in Portland, Connecticut. The company enables customers across the United States to sell their homes without any hassle or complications.

Don Phelps, representative for Cash Offer On House, says, “While selling your house for cash is a viable option, and a very good one at that depending on your circumstances, it’s not true that you should always take a cash offer on your house. As a company that exclusively buys houses for cash, we have a lot of experience purchasing homes from all over Connecticut. This experience has allowed us to understand the ins and outs of selling homes for cash. This is why we published this new blog post to share how homeowners can sell any property for cash, when you should refuse a cash offer and when you shouldn’t.”

Cash Offer On House

In the blog post, the company says that, when selling homes for cash, it is important for homeowners to make sure that the company they are selling to is reputable and will actually buy with cash. Selling to a reputable buyer ensures that the deal will go through and that they are providing a fair price for the property.

Phelps says, “More often than not, you’ll see that a property in Portland won’t be bought with cash by an end buyer. Most transactions close with a bank loan because most buyers don’t have the funds. The truth is that even most investors don’t close transactions with cash. It’s easy to let a bank share the risk, even if you have the money. This is obviously not a good thing if you are trying to sell your property for cash. By ensuring that the company that you’re selling to is reputable and will buy the property for cash, you can make sure that the whole process goes smoothly.”

The blog post then goes into all the benefits of selling one’s property for cash. The main benefit, according to Cash Offer On House, is that it allows homeowners to get cash in their hands quickly. This can be quite beneficial in emergency situations where they need money and do not have other options. The company shares that, by selling for cash, homeowners do not need to deal with the hassle of waiting months for a buyer to get a mortgage only to be told that the lender has eliminated the program and that they are back at square one.

Cash Offer On House also explains that pursuing the traditional method to sell a property, by listing with agents and on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), requires a lot of time as well as extra costs, including a huge commission. Opting to sell for cash to a reputable buyer will mean that there are no extra costs, hidden fees, or more importantly, any commissions at all.

In addition to all of this, selling a property for cash also means that the homeowner will not have to do any extra work on the property before sale. They do not need to paint, make repairs or perform maintenance or even clean up. Companies like Cash Offer On House will buy the house as is, ensuring both a quicker sale and fewer costs. Cash Offer On House will also take care of all the paperwork. More information about the company’s services can be found at the following link:

Phelps says, “At Cash Offer On House, our primary goal is to build stable communities in and around Portland. This means that we are dedicated to ensuring that homeowners can sell their houses for a fair price and that people who are looking for homes can find good ones. If you are interested in selling your property quickly and easily, feel free to get in touch with us.”

Those who want to learn more about Cash Offer On House and their services are welcome to visit the company's website to get started. They encourage interested parties to get in touch with Don Phelps directly via email or phone as well, and the company can also be reached through the contact form on their website. Cash Offer On House maintains a presence on Facebook where they frequently post updates, share media and communicate with their customers. More information about the company can be found at the following link: We Buy Houses In Hartford CT.


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