Cash Home Buyers Atlanta Offers Info on Companies that Buy Houses for Cash

Cash Home Buyers Atlanta wants to provide information on who are the companies that buy houses for cash. This is important for those who are asking where they can find cash buyers for their home. There are three basic types of companies that buy houses for cash. These are the local cash buyers, national companies, and a little-known group of cash buyers who will allow a prospective tenant-buyer to choose a particular home available on the market. These cash buyer companies will purchase that particular home for cash and allow the tenant-buyer to live there for up to 3 years, and the tenant-buyer may buy back the house at any time within that duration of 3 years.

Local cash buyers are small companies or even individual real estate investors who have the necessary cash to buy homes. They are usually in the business of flipping homes for profit. They will buy a house in as-is condition, do the necessary repairs and then sell it or rent it out.

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There are also national companies that buy houses fast for cash. However, in some cases, these companies may charge a significant amount of transaction fee of up to 10 percent or more, and deduct the expenses for repairs they need to do from the seller’s profit.

In the rare kind of cash buying company that allows a tenant-buyer to select a particular house and rent it for up to three years, the tenant-buyer is given time to improve their credit and save enough money for the down payment, and then obtain the best home financing possible, and they purchase the house they are already living in.

Cash Home Buyers Atlanta is a family-owned company based in Snelville, GA, and buys houses for cash in the Atlanta metropolitan area. They always strive to offer win-win solutions as a way to help homeowners who are in a difficult situation, such as a foreclosure, probate, owning a property that is just a burden for the owner, or any other reason. Fitz Thompson from Cash Home Buyers Atlanta says, “If you have any questions about how we work, what is the process of selling a house or having us help you avoid foreclosure, or just want to learn more about us, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!”

The process of Cash Home Buyers Atlanta purchasing a home for cash will just need four simple steps. In the first step, the home seller will provide them with information about the property being offered for sale. In the second step, Cash Home Buyers Atlanta will evaluate the details provided by seller to ensure it complies with their buying criteria, after which, they will contact the seller to schedule a quick appointment. And in step three, they will present the home seller with a no-obligation, written and fair offer for the property. And finally, in step four, they will close at a local trustworthy title company where the cash is provided to the seller in as little as seven days.

They also want to clarify that they will be the ones buying the house and they will be paying cash, which means that they will not be listing the house and they would be able to close as quickly as possible because there would be no need to wait for a bank approval for home financing. In addition, there would be no fees to be collected and there would be no commissions to pay to an agent, which means that the seller will actually receive the amount that they have offered without any deductions. And there would be no need to clean the house or make some repairs because they are buying houses in any condition, as long as the property fulfills their buying criteria.

Those who want to get more information as to where to find cash buyers may want to visit the Cash Home Buyers Atlanta website, or contact them on the telephone or through email.


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