Cash Home Buyers Atlanta Answers the Question ‘What’s the fastest Way to Sell Your House’

Cash Home Buyers Atlanta realizes that many people want to move on from their current home in the fastest possible way. As an experienced homebuyer, they have observed firsthand and talked to home sellers about the steps they took that expedited the sale of their homes. These reputable GA property buyers thought that it would be appropriate and helpful to share this information with those in Georgia that are looking to sell their homes as quickly as possible.

The company spokesperson, Fitz Thompson, says, “One of the most tedious tasks that anyone can undertake in America is selling their home. This applies to whether someone lives in Atlanta or elsewhere. It’s a process that is known to be filled with hassles and headaches because of how long it takes. There is some good news though because we would like to pass on to you several tips that have the potential to speed up the sale of your home.”

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Thompson went on to say that the very first step that a homeowner should take to speed up the sale of their home is to declutter it. That means going through bedrooms, basements, attics, garages, and other storage areas and getting rid of items that have no monetary or sentimental value. This even has the benefit of making the eventual move go faster after the house has been sold. He says that once a home has been decluttered a thorough cleaning should be done throughout that home. The company spokesperson also mentioned that these two things should be completed well in advance of the home going on the market.

A few months before the house goes on the market is also a great time to invest in minor repairs that have been put off and take some steps that will enhance the curb appeal of a home. He says that such small and inexpensive additions to a home such as a more decorative front door or a few new ornamental plants in the landscaping can make a home much more appealing to prospective buyers. The company spokesperson also talked about how it’s important to pick a selling strategy and to follow that up by setting a price for a home that is attractive to buyers in their area. It also can be a big bonus to use professionally taken photos when listing a home as opposed to those take from the homeowner’s mobile phone. He says that all of these steps are great ideas that have been proven to speed up sales in today’s housing market.

Thompson also pointed out that there is a way to speed up the home selling process even faster and simplifies it in the process. That’s by selling a house to a Cash Home Buying Company such as them that only does cash transactions. This will eliminate such things as having to make any exterior home improvements to enhance the curb appeal of a home. The cleaning of it will also have to be much less detailed. He says there is also no need for a professional appraisal, inspections to be done in conjunction with that appraisal, and the follow-up repairs that are necessitated after the inspections. Cash home buyers are known for paying fair prices and the closing time on the sale takes only days as opposed to the two month or more that more traditional closings take. The company spokesperson added that the cash the homeowner gets from the sale also does not have to be used for closing costs or paid out in commission percentages of up to 7% or more to a real estate company and the lead agent. He says that there is no faster and hassle-free way to sell a home than by doing a cash sale with a home buying company like them.

The company spokesperson added that they often make offers on the spot and there will never be any pressure on their end to get a homeowner to sell. Those who are looking to sell their Atlanta area homes and want to get in touch with ‘property investors near me’ can call the company or fill out the form on their website’s homepage to get the process started.


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