Carnelian Bracelets Now Available At Tiny Rituals

Encinitas, California -

Encinitas, CA based Tiny Rituals is pleased to announce a new line of eye-popping carnelian jewelry is now available through their store. These warm, vibrant stones are designed to leap off the wrist and catch the attention of anyone in the vicinity, and Tiny Rituals looks forward to receiving feedback and pictures of happy customers who try them out.

Carnelian has an intriguing history, and it has been known by many names throughout the ages. Today, it is known as The Singers Stone, The Sunset Stone and The Artists Stone. The Sunset Stone is an obvious name, earned due to its strong red-orange hues that emulate the brilliant colors of the sky and clouds during a sunset. Tiny Crystals says its color is far from its sole use, however, since Carnelian also has a reputation for being a potent healing crystal — simultaneously serving the mind, body and soul.

carnelian gemstone bracelet

Those who obtain Carnelian for the mental support it provides may experience a boost in their sense of vitality as well as their overall creativity. Similarly, it helps boost the libido and stimulates the tissues and organs. Tiny Rituals adds that many may want the stone exclusively for its detoxing abilities as well. Still, that is not all the stone is capable of. Its fiery red body serves to provide a channel for the wearer’s warrior spirit, awakening it and bringing it out to the surface. This is combined with a corresponding effect that connects the user with their lower chakras, namely the Root Chakra, the Sacral Chakra and the Solar Plexus Chakra.

The store advises their community to learn more about carnelian healing properties and meaning at every opportunity. In addition to being a fascinating subject, this can help them determine which crystals are right for their situation and would be most helpful. Every crystal has to be carefully picked, the company says, because each individual is unique and will react differently to certain crystals. Even though a crystal’s general properties may be known, it is up to the individual to try them out and see what suits them best. No store or expert can predict what will work for a customer. Tiny Rituals believes it is best to simply point their community in the right directions and let them explore the possibilities for themselves.

Those who want to incorporate practicality and function are welcome to take a look at the store’s carnelian crystal bracelets and similar accessories. “With colors that capture the sunset,” the product description says, “the Carnelian Energy Bracelet is all about positive life choices. The delicate array of striking red and orange stones nudges you towards overcoming negative conditioning, washing away mental lethargy and inviting the Joie de Vivre back into your soul.”

Customers are also encouraged to check the information presented below the listing for their carnelian healing crystal bracelets for insight on sizes, construction and so on. Many may hesitate to place an order online for an item they intend to wear due to concerns about accidentally getting the wrong size and so on. Cognizant of these concerns, Tiny Rituals has taken the measure of including a helpful sizing guide that can indicate which size suits a particular wrist. For this product, Size S fits wrists 5"-6", Size M fits wrists 6"-7" and Size L fits wrists 7"-8". Customers can quickly check their wrists with a tape measure before ordering to be sure. Similarly, the company advises that customers order a size above if they are between sizes. While this may seem too loose for some, Tiny Rituals states that the cord can only stretch to a certain extent. As such, a slightly looser fit is preferable to a bracelet that cannot be worn at all.

Tiny Rituals suggest that their bracelets be worn for warrior protection or placed beside the bed at night for an increase in sexual power and freedom. At all times, keeping Carnelian close at hand can improve an individual’s self-confidence, allowing them to take their life by the reins. Those who want to find this side of themselves are encouraged to visit Tiny Rituals online today to learn more. The company’s official website also provides a free guide and blog space for those who are new to the world of crystals and wish to explore further before making a commitment.


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