Carnegie Hill Slip and Fall Attorney David Leigh, P.C Explains Trip and Fall Accidents in New York

Carnegie Hill, NY: Founder of the Law Office of David S. Leigh P.C and Carnegie Hill slip and fall attorney, David Leigh P.C., recently published an article about trip and fall accidents in New York. In his article, he gives insight into one of the most common types of accidents in the city; slip and falls.

The Carnegie Hill slip and fall attorney specifically discusses: “Every year, the US suffers more than one million falls-related injuries. The leading cause of injury in America is a fall. It causes more than 1 million injuries each year and costs the country between 13-14 million to 14 million annually. While it might sound like a minor incident, falls can sometimes cause serious trauma, especially for older people.”

Carnegie Hill slip and fall attorney

Unfortunately, many slips and falls that cause injury or death in New York can be attributed to someone else. In these instances, the party at fault could be held accountable for any injuries or other damages their actions or inactions may have caused.

New York's premises liability law applies to slip-and-fall and other accidents. The law states that the property owner can be held liable for any injuries or accidents that result from unsafe walkway conditions. Property owners, whether private or public, are legally responsible for maintaining their property.

This includes making sure the sidewalk is safe for all who use it. Neglecting to maintain the sidewalk can be considered negligence and the owner may be held responsible for any expenses resulting from personal injuries.

Even though a fall that triggers an injury occurs on someone's property it does not automatically mean that it is subject to a premises liability claim. Neglectfulness may have been a contributing factor to the incident.

New York injury attorneys believe that most premises liability cases involving slips or falls could be prevented if property owners had taken the effort, made the right precautions, and implemented new measures to ensure safety.

It's also possible to get compensation for injuries sustained when the owner had the ability, resources, and time necessary to make improvements or repairs that would prevent slippage or falls. Appropriate and proper training and the tools necessary to keep employees safe while on the job are key to avoiding workplace accidents.

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