Carina Hatton: How To Brand Your Online Boutique

Overland Park, KS based Knitted Belle Boutique LLC is pleased to announce that its founder, Carina Hatton, has recently launched an online boutique branding course. This course aims to teach participants the intricacies of branding their very own online boutique as well as maintaining its daily operations.

Carina Hatton founded Knitted Belle Boutique out of her passion and love for clothing with unique looks, fun prints, and patterns. Founding a clothing boutique has always been her dream, but she did not always rely on it for a living. She onced worked a ‘regular 9 to 5’ job, until she was unexpectedly sacked along with some of her co-workers. At the time, she felt sad and ashamed because of losing her job. However, she realized that she had the perfect opportunity to start her dream and passion as she was driving home. She acted on this and finally founded a 7-figure business after a lot of trial and error. Now, she wants to help other people who are dreaming of founding their own boutique and enable them to reach their dreams without having to go through the same trial and error that she experienced. She created a comprehensive online boutique course in pursuit of this goal.

According to Hatton, her online boutique course contains all the support and training that people who wish to start their own online boutiques will need. It contains a step-by-step process to opening an online boutique shop as well as other important details including how to craft personal logos, where to buy good wholesale products, which styles and categories fly off the shelves and how one may identify the ideal customer. She also explores topics such as the pricing of goods, marketing effectively without a large budget, financing the clothing business and much more.

She asserts that the people who enroll in her online boutique course will receive and learn many valuable things related to having an online boutique. They will be able confidently start and grow their online business with the use of proven methods. Participants will also learn the exact methods they can use to make sales and drive traffic without being overwhelmed by tech. Furthermore, they will know how to build a sustainable and thriving online boutique that will have products flying off their virtual shelves.

Hatton aims to assist aspiring business owners in establishing their own clothing boutiques. Her goal is to help them find a way to quit the ‘rat race’ so they can spend more time with their loved ones. She will also teach participants how to manage their time and capital wisely. Hatton will also share some useful tips and tricks on how to find quality and affordable wholesale products.

Those who will attend the online course will learn how to work with Carina Hatton, a 7-figure boutique owner who will share her most closely guarded secrets — that can be used to grow their own online boutique. Those who wish to enroll for the course can do so for either $197 dollars per month or $1,970 per year. Application closes on Wednesday, March 31st at midnight.
Participants have said great things about Hatton’s online boutique coaching course.

Jen Taylor of Bad Moms Boutique says in a testimonial featured on Online Boutique Coaching, “I am so grateful for Carina’s secrets. I now have a clear path. Carina has given me a plan to keep me on task and not overthinking the process. She has taught me how to sell the right way and the pitfalls to avoid. I was so tired of creating my own path and making so many mistakes that I got worn out and gave up several times. I feel like I got a hold of the best secret in town!”

Meanwhile, Taylor Collie of Tayco Boutique says in another featured testimonial, “I wanted to share how amazing Carina is. She has helped my business succeed so quickly. She’s always just an email away. I don’t know where my boutique would be without us working together. She is the best! Working with Carina is the best thing I could have done to help my business grow.”

Aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to start their own clothing store may check out Carina Hatton’s online boutique course. They may also connect with Carina Hatton on Facebook to stay up to date with her news and announcements.


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