Carina Hatton Announces Special Offer on Three Day Business Growth Challenge

Carina Hatton, owner of the Knitted Belle Boutique, is announcing her new 3 day Ecommerce Marketing Challenge for entrepreneur looking to sell more products, available for only $5 on her website. This challenge shows budding ecommerce entrepreneurs the most important steps they need to take to get consistent sales for a wildly successful online store without getting frustrated or overwhelmed. After successfully scaling her own online clothing boutique into a successful online business, Carina Hatton wants to help others build their own successful businesses so they can have the freedom to do what they love.

This three day ecommerce challenge is designed for online sellers who know they need to be doing something to increase sales for their businesses, but don’t know where to start. If someone who operates an ecommerce website is frustrated with not being able to find the answers, feels like they’re wasting time trying to figure out how to move forward, or worried about doing the wrong thing, they might benefit from Carina’s three day ecommerce challenge. The website suggests that the workshop could help people who are confused about what the next steps for their business should be, and who are finding themselves overwhelmed by all the information available on the internet. There’s a lot of information available online about how to run a business, and it’s hard to know what advice is actually good and what is going to be a waste of time. Because Carina Hatton has already successfully scaled an online business, she knows exactly what business owners need to do to bring in more sales. She shares some of this information freely on her Facebook page:

The sales page for the three day challenge suggests that people who work through the challenge will have access to the knowledge and skills they need to never have to stress about what to post on social media again. People who work with the challenge can discover exactly who their target audience is, learn how to reach them, and get easy to follow formulas for creating winning social media captions. Carina Hatton promises to teach the strategies she’s used to sell seven figures in her own store, and has taught to many other businesses who have managed to do the same. The course includes insider information on how to make sales in any business daily, weekly and monthly, and Carina’s strategies for making five figures in sales every single month. The challenge includes three exclusive training videos, along with daily action worksheets that total to nearly 3 hours of training and worksheets.

Day one of the challenge includes the “Fast Traffic Bundle” which gives instructions for steps to take to increase traffic to an online store. The second day is “The Weekly Sales Machine” which teaches business owners how to get sales and increase their income every week with a plan that works specifically for their business. Finally, the third day of the challenge is “The 5 Figure Month Growth Strategy” which helps people build a simple sales system they can scale to make over 5 figures from their online businesses each month. This entire challenge is currently available for $5, but this is a limited time deal, and the price is likely to be raised soon, so interested business owners are encouraged to act now and get in on the special offer before it is too late.

Carina Hatton has loved business since she was very young, starting her first business selling magazines door to door at only five years old. She’s been scaling her business skills since, and once her online fashion boutique, Knitted Belle Boutique, reached 7 figures in sales, she decided to put her knowledge to use helping other people realize their dreams of running successful online businesses. Since starting as an online business coach, Carina Hatton has helped hundreds of business owners scale their own businesses successfully, without excessive frustration or wasting valuable time and money. More information about Carina Hatton can be found at


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