Career Wisdom from a Virtual Book Fair

The present era of social distancing has spurred Dr. Shelly Cameron to pivot and adopt to a virtual setting to remain socially engaged while bringing to the community two career enhancing wisdom books.

Dr. Cameron will be participating in the virtual book fair hosted by the Miami Book Fair that runs through November 22, 2020.

This virtual Fair is a proactive effort to remain socially engaged, by connecting the world through a stream of interactive online events that include conversations with authors. This digital Fair will feature programs in English, Spanish and Haitian Creole representing fiction, politics, history, memoir, comics, and poetry, among other genres.

A free online registration is required, and users will receive email notifications about programs and activities as they become available, plus practical tips on how to navigate the website, create a watchlist, and more.

There is a growing need for refreshed focus in a time of uncertainty, and distractions to recalibrate one’s true north. Dr. Cameron’s brings two books support this proposition.

The first book shares divine wisdom seasoned by the test of time and is still found effective. It is an audiobook entitled GreenLight: When God Says Go: “Green Light is about finding out the will of the Divine. “One cannot get green lights before they are on the road. At the lights, they are told what to do. When they get to life's intersections whether it’s decision-making, career, business, or relationships,” stated Dr. Cameron.

The second book takes the reader on a discovery of a roadmap forward and what are the essential questions one has to answer when considering a career change. The book is appropriately entitled, Your Career: Ditch it. Switch it. It is for those who are miserable, stuck, dissatisfied, afraid, stressed, longing for personal growth or those who have a passion for entrepreneurship; a desire to leave a legacy.

Further information to this vital fair can be found at the Miamibookfair.


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