Care By Volvo Launched At White Plains Dealership

Volvo White Plains, based in Elmsford, New York, is pleased to announce that they are launching the Care by Volvo Program at this dealership. Their White Plains location is the main dealership offering this program.

The Care Program by Volvo can be simply described as a car subscription. For one monthly payment, a customer may get a car with insurance coverage, maintenance and several other benefits. The package also allows the flexibility of cancelling the subscription in just five months. The monthly payment is all-inclusive, covering the maintenance, protection for tires, wheels and excessive wear. Volvo also handles the insurance coverage. One can easily subscribe online in an easy and negotiation-free process. The subscriber will choose their preferred retailer, and the company will contact them to schedule a convenient time for the car to be picked up.

The Care Program by Volvo differs in many ways to the traditional financing packages for cars. When going through financing options to purchase a car, customers are contracted for a longer time period, which can range up to three years. With the Care subscription from Volvo, they do not have to worry about a similar long-term commitment, as they can cancel in five months, as mentioned previously. They can also return the vehicle any time after the subscriber has passed the fifth scheduled payment. Customers should note that this will differ for contracts entered into in Illinois, where they will be able to cancel after twelve months. This subscription plan from Volvo is available not only at the White Plains dealership, but also at other branches in the region — such as Volvo Cars Danbury and Volvo Cars Hudson Valley. Learn more here: Care by Volvo Connecticut.

In the Care subscription package by Volvo, there are many benefits offered to the subscriber. The subscription covers usage of up to 1250 miles per month and also includes insurance coverage. When it comes to the physical condition of the vehicle, the subscription offers factory-scheduled maintenance at every 10,000 mile interval at no charge. This also includes replacing parts which are worn out, such as wiper blades, brake pads and rotors. The maintenance options also offer protection from excess wear and tear. Tire and wheel protection for excess wear can include issues such as large dents and scratches to body panels, windshield damage and tire replacement due to worn, scratched or gouged wheels and interior damage.

To start a Care subscription, customers may start by choosing a preferred model from the selection available online and identifying their local dealer to arrange car delivery. They may also choose to work with a local Volvo dealer instead, to subscribe to a car available on their lot. After selecting the preferred car, they will complete a few simple steps to be eligible for this program. Eligibility will be based on insurance and other financial factors. After the order is confirmed, the Care program’s customer care team will contact the subscriber to arrange delivery. Those living in the area of New York may simply visit a dealership in their region. Learn more here: Care by Volvo New York.

The Volvo Cars White Plains main dealership is known for their dedicated sales staff, who have many years of experience satisfying each customer’s needs with efficiency. Volvo Cars White Plains aims to treat all of their customers with an attentive and unmatched sales experience and have done so within the last two decades as well. The company encourages their customers and local community to browse through their latest new 2019 - 2020 Volvo models or to go through their used car inventory online. Volvo Cars White Plains makes it a point to update their monthly financing contract options in order to give the customer the deals they deserve at attractive prices. Those interested can also call ahead to schedule test drives. The care the company offers their customers does not end at the selection point. The dealership’s service facility in White Plains provides customers with access to factory-trained technicians who all have a thorough understanding of all the models in the Volvo line. The facility will be able to diagnose a car and repair it using advanced factory diagnostic tools and technology.

To learn more about Volvo White Plains and Care by Volvo, customers may visit the dealership’s official website. Bob Doyle of Volvo White Plains can also be contacted via phone or email.


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