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Lady Lake, FL-based Florida Spine and Injury - The Villages Chiropractor is taking steps to raise awareness of the delayed symptoms that can occur following a car accident. Victims and their families often expect injuries to be immediately apparent, ranging from scratches to broken bones, but the truth is that some injuries may not become evident until quite some time has passed after the accident. To ensure accident victims know what to look out for, the chiropractic provider has published several materials online that aim to shed light on this issue.

These materials come in the form of a blog post as well as a few accompanying videos that go over the subject of delayed symptoms in some detail. Those who frequently find themselves on the road, either as drivers or passengers (which probably entails the vast majority of any urban population), are encouraged to visit the facility’s website to read the blog post in full or watch the videos on their Youtube channel. Knowledge is always power, and this knowledge in particular may help save a life if the individual in question knows how to identify a delayed symptom and how to respond to it appropriately.

“The most important thing you can do for yourself is get checked out by a medical professional after an accident on the road,” states Florida Spine and Injury. “The next most important thing is to remember that walking away from an accident without a so-called scratch, while marking you as an extremely fortunate individual, does not necessarily mean you are out of the woods yet. We strongly advise that you keep an eye on yourself and pay attention to everything your body does. These signs can hint at worse problems under the surface, and noticing them early can give you enough time to get them treated before they get worse.” Those concerned about their health are encouraged to visit their doctor or schedule an appointment with Florida Spine and Injury. Learn more here: Chiropractor After Car Accident.

For instance, one of the most common symptoms car accident victims experience in the days — or weeks — that follow are headaches and dizziness. They can be caused by a concussion, blood clot, neck injury or whiplash, and given the serious nature of some of these issues, it is crucial for the individual in question to seek medical attention at once. A headache in nearly any other situation may be ignored as a commonplace occurrence, but not here.

One of the other major risks a victim needs to be aware of is the potential for a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). A violent enough collision can cause the brain’s soft tissue to strike the interior surface of the victim’s skull, leading to swelling, bruising, bleeding and damage to the brain tissue. This condition can be life-threatening in many cases, and Florida Spine and Injury states that the community should understand this may also be the case even if the victim feels fine. A headache, bouts of dizziness, vision problems and so on can point to a TBI in such situations, and this means the affected party should report their symptoms to a doctor as soon as possible. Again, they reiterate that this is true for symptoms that show up as long as a matter of weeks following the accident.

The next symptom explored by Florida Spine and Injury in their educational materials is whiplash. This injury is caused by the “sudden jerking motion of the neck and head that happens during impact,” according to the post, and it “strains the tendons in the neck and shoulders beyond their normal range of motion, causing damage.”

Whiplash can indeed cause pain and discomfort that the victim will feel at once, but this is not always the case. In fact, the chiropractic expert states that it is most common for whiplash to show up a while after the accident occurs. Minor cases of whiplash have also been known to heal on their own, but the clinic is adamant that more severe cases will need medical attention to heal properly. In turn, given that someone who has been involved in an accident will most likely have no way to gauge how badly they are hurt, they must assume the worst is possible and get checked by a professional to be certain they are fine. If not, prompt action can limit how much long-term damage they will have to deal with.

Florida Spine and Injury’s blog post discusses a number of other symptoms that accident victims should be on the lookout for. The article can be accessed for free on the practice’s website at any time, and members of the community are welcome to bring any inquiries regarding their health to Dr. Jonathan Walker, D.C. of Florida Spine and Injury - The Villages Chiropractor. The practice is always pleased to lend their expertise and services to anyone in need.


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