Candice Gerlach, CPA Offers Services to Those Looking for a Local CPA Near Me in Carlsbad CA

Candice Gerlach, CPA has revealed that she can provide the necessary service for those who are looking for a local CPA near me in Carlsbad, CA, and neighboring areas. She has almost 20 years of experience in public accounting and she can help with tax compliance in several areas, including individuals, partnerships, small businesses, C corporations, trusts, and S corporations. She is an active member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and also a Certified Fraud Examiner.

Her unique experience as a Certified Fraud Examiner enables her to provide in-depth advice on financial regulations and tax codes. She can provide expert assistance regarding general accounting; financial income statements; tax planning; CFO services; estate planning; audits, reviews, and financial compilations; forensic accounting, and legal testimony and depositions.

Those who work with a local CPA will not just benefit from access to real-time guidance and advice, but they will also be kept informed of recent developments regarding local and state tax regulations. In addition, a local CPA is updated on the most recent financial strategies and trends, which could be helpful for the business. The advantages of working with a local CPA include: knowledge on local tax codes and regulations; real-time access to a reliable CPA in the client’s time zone; a customized approach that supports the client’s unique needs; convenient estate planning for the client and his or her family; and reliable knowledge to help the client prepare for state and federal audits.

With regards to general accounting services, a local CPA can help fortify the business’ current accounting strategy. A CPA can help both small and big businesses grow by creating reports, planning for expenses, and monitoring income. A CPA can also help with the company’s financial income statement, which includes a comprehensive report on the business’ assets, revenues, and expenses. An accurate income statement can be used by the company executives as an effective decision-making tool. And as a CPA in Carlsbad, Candice Gerlach, CPA can use her in-depth knowledge about local and regional tax compliance. This ensures that the company will be adequately prepared for any audits that may be encountered down the road.

A CPA may also serve as a temporary or fractional chief financial officer (CFO) for a business. A fractional CFO is an experienced CFO who offers her services in a retainer, part-time, or contract basis. This allows the business to benefit from the expertise and experience of a reliable CFO without the in-house costs of having a full-time CFO. The duties of a fractional CFO are usually on a project basis and specifically geared towards the business’ specific goals of challenges.

A CPA may also help an individual or business with regards to estate planning. Clients will have peace of mind in the knowledge that the CPA is capable of providing the necessary support with regards to estate management, trusts, and any corresponding taxes.

A CPA can also assist the individual or business in the preparation for upcoming financial reviews and audits. She can serve as a liaison between investors and other interested parties.

And being a Certified Fraud Examiner, Candice Gerlach has experience in executing a number of forensic accounting cases. And because of her legal expertise, she can serve as a court-appointed consultant or expert.

She can also help clients with regards to the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan forgiveness. Whether the client is using form 3805EZ or long form 3508, she can help the client find the appropriate deductions to boost the chances of getting 100 percent forgiveness on the PPP loan.

Those who require the services of Candice Gerlach as CPA may want to book a free 30-minute consultation first. During this consultation with her team, they will discuss and examine the client’s accounting needs and offer information on helpful and relevant accounting services.

Those who are interested in getting the services of a local CPA in Carlsbad and surrounding areas may want to check out the website of Candice Gerlach, CPA, on contact her on the phone or through email.


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