Canberra Dentist Provider Acacia Dental Group Is Offering Teeth Whitening Services

Acacia Dental Group, a privately owned dental practice in Canberra, is offering professional teeth whitening services for those looking to get a fresh start on their dental health and beauty.

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that brightens and whitens teeth to make for a more appealing smile and personality. It has risen in popularity over the last decade due to the increased focus on personal health and wellbeing. Social media and increased demands of the professional workspace have created a need for everyone to put their best foot forward, maintaining a clean and pleasing look for the customers and the camera. Teeth have become more than just an essential organ as good dental health is now also prized for its aesthetic value.

Those looking to whiten their teeth can either go for over-the-counter teeth whitening products or they can opt for in-house professional teeth whitening. Though over-the-counter solutions can prove effective in cases with minimal surface level discoloration, those looking to get the most bang for their buck should opt for the safer, and more reliable professional teeth whitening service provided by a dental clinic. Some In-home solutions also run the risk of loose-fitting mouthguards that can reduce their effectiveness. If the bleaching gel leaks on the gums, it can lead to blistering and sensitivity issues. The strength and reliability of home kits are also not guaranteed. It is, therefore, recommended to undergo the treatment under the recommendation and supervision of a teeth whitening dentist.

Professional teeth whitening services can fix brown, yellow, or spotted discolorations. They are exceptionally proficient at removing stains caused by aging or years of activities such as drinking tea, drinking coffee, or smoking. One might decide to go for the procedure before an important event such as a wedding, an anniversary, or even a professional engagement such as a job interview. The procedure can work on patients of all ages. It can brighten teeth by up to 8 shades. It is a near-permanent solution that works without the need for follow-up appointments. The procedure is quick and painless. It is preferred to other more involved and invasive solutions such as porcelain crowns and veneers. The treatment can be tailor-made and personalized for all clients leading to a comfortable experience.

Acacia Dental Group recommends and administers the industry-leading teeth whitening technology, The Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed. The Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed is a clinically proven teeth whitening system. It uses a LED light to speed up whitening, producing maximum results in minimum time. A gel is used in combination with light to create a powerful whitening effect. The procedure gives dentists complete control and precision from start to finish. The teeth whitening treatment can be completed within approximately 45 minutes. The procedure isn’t painful and the dentist is able to customize the treatment based on the patient’s comfort threshold and sensitivity. The patient just has to sit back and relax while the dentist does all the heavy lifting.

The dental clinic offers a complimentary teeth whitening consultation at its practice in Woden. One of the clinic’s highly-trained dentists will review the patient’s oral health and assess the degree of staining on the teeth. The clinic and its doctors are upfront and honest about the effectiveness of the treatment giving their patients the information that they need to make the right choices for their dental health. As an added extra, at the end of the treatment at Acacia Dental, customers will receive a complimentary Zoom take-home whitening kit (worth $250) that can either be saved for use in the future or it can be gifted to a friend or family member. The complementary take-home kits are much stronger than those available from a non-dentist provider.

The dental clinic can be contacted using the contact form on its website, at the phone number (02) 6281 2222, or using the email The clinic claims to be the best option for those searching online for ‘Cosmetic Dentistry Canberra’.


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