Cambridge Electronics Announces Store Locator

Cambridge Electronics Incorporated, a Saskatchewan, Alberta electronics store, is pleased to announce the launch of their TELUS Store Locator. The store locator is a powerful tool that anyone can use to locate their nearest smartphone service provider. It gives the user the most current store operating hours along with associated contact information. The store locator is easy to use, and one need only enter their location for the locator to produce a list of nearby stores. Users can then get directions to the place or select the store as their preferred store.

TELUS is a telecommunications company that seeks to differentiate themselves from their peers by going above and beyond to provide excellent service. “‘There’s plenty of fish in the sea,’ as the saying goes, so you might be wondering what sets this fish apart from the others,” the company says. “When you choose TELUS, you choose to be connected to our world-class networks. You choose to be supported by our amazing people who deliver best-in-class customer service. Most importantly, you choose to be part of a culture that puts giving back to the community at the heart of every endeavour. Our business is connecting Canadians, and our purpose is putting our world leading technology to work creating meaningful change, giving back to help communities thrive and helping those who need it the most.”

As Canada’s only 100% fibre optic network, TELUS offers the fastest internet technology and unparalleled reliability. TELUS recently became 5G enabled, making the lives of Canadians easier, safer and healthier through increased speeds, reliability and capacity. TELUS’ diverse and inclusive team puts customers first in order to deliver the best experiences possible. Whether it is the convenience of self-service or a face to face conversation, TELUS is always available to help their customers with whatever they need.

“We give where we live,” the company says. “We are inspired to give where we live because of Canadians like you and our team who give hundreds of thousands of hours of their time every year. Through acts of giving, big and small, we are committed to driving positive social outcomes in the areas of health, education and the environment by harnessing the power of technology. As a team, we work to make a positive and lasting difference in our communities and the lives of others. The difference we make today can help build a brighter tomorrow. Last year alone we contributed $150 million and one million volunteer hours to charitable and community organizations.”

TELUS’ network is known for its reliability. Even through natural disasters, TELUS keeps their customers connected. The TELUS team works around the clock to maintain all of their services in affected areas. The award-winning network has broken multiple records, and Canada is currently tied with South Korea for having the fastest download speeds in the world. The service provider is always looking to improve and continues to push the limits of internet connectivity further.

Cambridge Electronics is one of the most well-known TELUS service providers, and a number of customers have left great reviews of the store. “I had problems with my phone and just like that I walked out of the store with a new TELUS flip phone called a Coolpad,” says one review from a pleased customer named Peter. “Larger display with big numbers for the keypad which is great for me as my sight is not the best. They were also able to update my TELUS Voice Plan at a lower price. Great experience at this store in the Cornerstone Mall.”

Another customer, Tiffany, shares, “I can't even begin to explain how amazing the customer service is here. I've been in twice and the owner, Dan, had no problem staying past closing time to deal with activations and additional information. The customer service Dan and his employees offer is exceptional and I would only recommend this TELUS dealer for all your mobile, internet and TV needs.”

For more information on Cambridge Electronics and TELUS, visit their respective websites. Those in need of a TELUS store can find a list of nearby stores using the TELUS store locator.


For more information about Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated, contact the company here:

Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated
Dan LHeureux
105-8701 94 st
Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta
T8L 4P7