Calton Cases Discusses Four Things on the Issue of Soft vs Hard Case for Guitars

Calton Cases, a company based in Austin, TX, has recently released a blog post where they pointed out four things that people need to know when considering the issue of soft vs hard case for guitars. The article points out that there are both pros and cons for both soft cases and hard cases and it will really depend on the musician’s preferences and situation on whether to get a soft case or a hard case for the guitar.

First of all, the article points out that the hard guitar case is actually the better choice when it comes to protection. A hard guitar case is made of wood, fiberglass, and injection molding and the case will protect the guitar from the elements, drops, and temperature changes. Professional musicians may want to go for the hard case since they will be traveling and keeping the guitar in a hard case will ensure that it is protected while in the vehicle or anywhere else.

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On the other hand, a soft guitar case is portable and lightweight, which means it would be easier to carry the guitar compared to the heavier hard case. The soft case is also less costly/ The only problem is that the soft case provides less protection for the instrument, which could suffer from dings and scratches if one is not careful. The guitar may also be affected by the humidity and temperature.

Musicians who frequently play in small venues located relatively close to where they live may opt for the soft case, whether it is an an electric or acoustic guitar case. They’ll find it easier to bring their guitar along and there is less chance of damaging the guitar because the travel distance is relatively short and there would be less time for the exposure of the guitar to the elements. However, musicians who are touring with their band and going to various places, including different countries, would find it more advisable to choose the hard case because there is a much longer time for the guitar to be exposed to the risk of getting damaged, especially when traveling. There is a higher chance of accidents happening that could damage the guitar.

And finally, for those who play mostly at home, it is recommended that they choose a hard guitar case. This is because if the guitar is not used often, a hard case will protect the instrument for a long time. Since the guitar may be left somewhere for a relatively long period of time, there is a relatively higher risk that a family member of even the pet dog may bump into it and cause it to be damaged.

Meanwhile, Calton Cases offers various guitar hard cases. Whether the instrument is an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar, or even some other stringed instrument, they have hard cases that offer superior protection for them. With their advanced designs for their fiberglass hardshell flight cases and their precision custom padding and inserts, every guitar hard case is tailored to the customer’s instrument to provide protection that lasts.

At Calton Cases, they fully understand that every instrument is different, just as the turbulent environments they are exposed to. They have earned their reputation for reliability by anticipating the various challenges and designing the guitar cases to make sure that they will protect the instrument in different kinds of situations. Their skilled craftsmen have been carefully chosen and assured to be dedicated to art in every capacity: from their attractive line of colors to their stylish velvet interiors, while safety is always a prime concern.

Customers have been very pleased with the hard cases they obtained from Calton Cases that they have left highly positive reviews. For instance, Tony P. said, “I just received my 4th Calton Case, and have a 5th on order. Calton Cases, in my opinion, offer the best protection, the highest level of customizability, and the peace of mind that I want when it comes to protecting my instruments from any accident that could come their way.”

Those who are interested in the guitar cases available at Calton Cases, whether it is an acoustic or electric guitar case, can visit their website, or contact them on the phone or through email.


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