Calton Cases Discusses a Number of Reasons to Get a Strong Musical Instrument Flight Case in New Blog Post

Calton Cases, a company based in Austin, TX, has announced that they have recently published a blog post providing practical reasons why there is a need for a strong case for musical instruments. In the article, “Practical Reasons to Want a Strong Case for Musical Instruments,” it is pointed that musicians who frequently travel with their instrument will find that there are practical reasons for getting a strong case for their instrument.

One good practical reason for getting a strong case for a musical instrument is overall aesthetic appeal. Jeff Poss, owner of Calton Cases, says, “While casual shows may warrant a more casual case, most performers like to have a strong case. They look more professional, so those who have it will look more professional. When you get a hard case from Calton Cases, you can even customize it based on your aesthetic preferences. There are plenty of combinations of exteriors and interiors so you can get a case that’s on-brand for you and your music. Hard cases are also perfect for your own DIY customization. Don’t be afraid to decorate your hard case with sturdy stickers.”

hard guitar case

Another important reason for getting a strong case for a musical instrument is that these cases are a perfect fit for the instrument. Soft cases allow the instrument to shift back and forth while the musician is walking around. In addition, if the material isn’t soft, it could scratch finished surfaces because of the friction. With a good strong case, it is assured that the case is fitted perfectly to the specific instrument. This means that there’s no need to worry about any shifting regardless of whether the musician is walking around with the instrument in tow or the instrument is in the car while the musician is on the way to a show.

An important reason for getting a strong case for a musical instrument, such as a guitar flight case, is safety and protection. The primary benefit of a hard case for a musical instrument is the better protection that it offers. A musical instrument is usually expensive, and many musicians tend to develop strong personal relationships with their gear. Those who aren’t using an adequate case could lose the instrument.

Jeff Poss says, “You would want your case to stand up to all potential dangers. Whether the case falls off of a stage or a moving vehicle, someone steps on it by mistake, or worse, your case keeps your instrument safe and sound. You can even avoid damage from humidity. Because of the strong latches, you don’t even have to worry about your instrument falling out of the case. While you travel, you know that your instrument is going to remain show-ready.”

With a strong case, the musician is assured of having safety, security, and the bonus of a cool and professional look. The instrument case is almost as important as the instrument, so it would be advisable get the best.

Meanwhile, Calton Cases has more than 50 years of experience, and their research and development has led to the premier luxury hard cases that they are offering. Every part of a Calton Case is engineered to keep the instrument safe for a lifetime.

For example, the guitar cases that they are offering have several beneficial features. These include: rubber latch guards with bumpers and feet; reinforced fiberglass shell; hand-stitched leather handle; customizable nameplate; nickel plated steel latches with one locking latch; padded pick box and neck guide; nylon shoulder strap with optional backpack straps; impact absorbing flexible foam; custom instrument fit; and premium velvet interior.

Those who are in need of a new custom case for their treasured instrument, from guitars to ukuleles and everything in-between, can be assured that Calton Cases has the instrument case that they are looking for.

Those who want to shop guitar cases and other instrument cases can check out the Calton Cases website, or contact them on the phone or through email.


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