Calling All Black-Owned Business Owners to Participate in The National Black Business Pitch (NBBP) Competition and Get in Front of Major Corporations

Registration is now open for The National Black Business Pitch competition, which connects black-owned businesses with corporations looking for new procurement opportunities.

The competition was an incredible success last year, with hundreds of black-owned business owners participating in this ground-breaking event.

Participants had three minutes to pitch their idea to an expert panel of judges from the corporate supplier diversity community who went on to select 30 businesses that advanced to the final phase of the competition. Cash prizes of up to $10,000 were awarded to the winners.

Here’s what some of the past participants had to say about the competition:

“The National Black Business Pitch competition was fantastic! It was very enlightening for me even though I’ve been in public relations for the past 20 years and I’ve helped other executives with their presentations. This is the first time I focused on me and I learned a lot. It was great to have a mentor being a baby boomer. There were not many black women in front of me to mentor me so it was great for me to actually encounter some wonderful people in this program. I just can't recommend it enough so if you get the opportunity please get involved!” - Denise Meredith, CEO, World's Best Connectors.

“I really enjoyed my experience participating in the National Black Business Pitch. I had the opportunity to work with Von Williams from Southern California Gas. He was an excellent mentor and really helped me crack my pitch to make sure it resonated with business and customers. I thank everyone who put this together, it's been a wonderful opportunity.” - Dominique Williams, Founder of RX Interactive.

“We were so honored to be one of the top 30 finalists in the National Black Pitch Competition. I had an amazing mentor from the plenary group and really one of the great things that I got from this experience was exposure. It was an amazing opportunity to showcase my brand and showcase my business to an amazing group of businesses, many of whom are fortune 500 Companies, and many of whom we would love to work with. So, in my book it was a win-win. I want to say thank you to WBEC-West for putting this together, thank you to all the sponsors who made this possible and congratulations to all the finalists. I think that either way we all won and I'm just honored that I was able to be a part of it!” - Courtney Newell, Founder and CEO of Crowned Marketing.

How to Apply

Interested Black-owned, founded, or controlled companies throughout the United States can learn more and register for the competition by submitting their capability statement and a three-minute video about their business.

For more information about the NBBP competition, to determine eligibility, and to apply, please visit:


For more information about National Black Business Pitch (NBBP), contact the company here:

National Black Business Pitch (NBBP)
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