California Divorce Attorney Explains Divorce Attorney Fees

San Diego, California based Yvonne Rizzo Attorney at Law is reaching out to the wider community to explain divorce attorney fees in California. Yvonne Rizzo Attorney at Law is dedicated exclusively to Family Law, a dynamic and challenging legal field where clients face some of the most personal and difficult decisions of their lives.

Yvonne Rizzo says, “Divorces are terrible when they occur, but more often than not, it can be a necessary move to ensure the happiness of both parties in a marriage. However, when two people decide to divorce, there can be a number of different questions that pop up that can lead to some confusion. One such question concerns who pays attorney fees in divorce.”

In a blog post on the Yvonne Rizzo Attorney at Law website, Rizzo explains the many intricacies involved in paying attorney fees in a divorce. The blog post reads, “Community funds, including a joint checking account or savings account can be used to pay attorney fees and necessities of life during the pendency of a divorce case. It is important, however, to keep careful accounting of all community funds used for attorney fees or any purpose, because Family Code section 721 requires a party who has utilized community assets to account to the other party about how such assets were used.”

The blog post continues, “A separate property account may also be used to pay attorney fees, and the party who owns such an account may also be required to pay the attorney fees of the other party. Family Code section 2032 allows for the attorney fees of a spouse who is in an inferior financial position to be paid from the separate income or assets of a spouse in a superior financial position.

"Automatic temporary restraining orders (ATROs) go into effect when a Petition for Dissolution (divorce) has been filed. The ATROs prohibit the use or transfer of community and separate assets for most purposes, with the exception of attorney fees. In other words, payment of attorney fees for family law cases from community or separate funds is permitted in California without first obtaining the permission of the other party or permission from the court. However, any party using assets for attorney fees or any other purpose after a divorce case has begun should be prepared to account to the other party as to when and how such funds were used.”

The blog post also delves into what to do if a Petition for dissolution has been filed with the court. In such a case, the blog post explains that a Request for Order (RFO) will have to be filed asking the court to make orders requiring the spouse spouse to pay one’s attorney fees for the divorce case. The law firm explains that the court will consider the attorney fees one would need to retain an attorney as well as the attorney fees required to have representation throughout the pendency of one’s divorce case. The full blog post also looks into a number of other factors involved in hiring a divorce attorney.

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