California Contractors Insurance Brokers Offer General Liability Insurance For Construction Industry

Contractors Insurance Solutions Inc. is an insurance broker operating out of Burbank, California. It has announced that it is assisting construction businesses looking to buy California contractors insurance. The company is a specialist in the construction industry. The company was found by Matt Rogers, who is an insurance industry veteran and has worked as a construction contractor himself in the past.

California State Law may require contractors to have contractor liability insurance in California as a minimum requirement to bid on projects. There is a requirement for at least $1 million in coverage for a majority of residential projects. Contractors Insurance Solutions claims to help contractors get their policy and certificate as fast as possible. They offer coverage plans from $1 million all the way up to the biggest projects in Los Angeles. The website has a video in which Matt explains the difference between admitted insurance carriers, non-admitted insurance carriers, and risk retention groups. The company claims to tap different carriers to find the most affordable coverage for their clients. The company specializes in helping general and electrical contractors in Los Angeles.

California State Law requires that all contractors have a contractor’s license bond. This is an important step to complete the licensing process. This license bond is also known as a surety bond which is a promise to pay one party a certain amount if the principal party fails to meet some obligation, such as fulfilling the terms of a contract. CIS offers e-filing services of bond documents to the California Contractors State License Board for no additional fee. CIS also offers help with workers’ compensation exemption form during the time of purchase of the surety bond.

Matt Rogers, the founder of the company, started working in the construction industry at age 16. He volunteered for Habitat for Humanity, which is a global nonprofit organization that connects volunteers with construction sites, building homes for families in need, that need human labor, all around the world. He built and repaired homes for affected families in El Salvador. He says, “I put myself through college, doing construction work part-time and I found an opportunity to work in a contractor school where I got my license from and that kinda just took off. I got my insurance license and I was able to really relate with the contractors because I was a contractor and I did understand the job. I do understand the risks that they go through.” He now helps his clients pick out the right insurance for contractors in Los Angeles.

In an introductory video on the website, Matt Rogers describes his love for his job by saying, “My goal is to know that my clients are being taken care of. That they have their confidence in me so I can give them insurance and coverage that they need so they can go out and be competitive and they can grow every year. That’s really where I find my joy and why I love my job.”

The company website has video testimonials from Matt’s clients. Dave Durenberger, president of Pacific West Undergound Inc., says, “I’ve been using Matt for approximately a year now. They’ve always been on time, curious about [sic] all my needs. I recommend them to anybody.” Narciso Sandoval, president of Pro-Water Engineering says in his video testimonial, “He has helped us in a way that nobody else has. His customer service is unmatchable. I feel like I’m talking to someone who cares about our business. He always finds the right answer and the best possible solution for any problem we’ll come across.”

The company can be reached at 1-323-400-6700 for a free quote and consultation. The company website can be used to book and confirm appointments using the “Schedule Appointment” button. The website links to the company’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages. The company aims to help all clients looking for reliable California Contractors Insurance Brokers around Los Angeles and Burbank areas.


For more information about Contractors Insurance Solutions Inc, contact the company here:

Contractors Insurance Solutions Inc
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