California Car Registration Fees Explained By Insurance Agency

Insurance Navy Brokers - California has published a blog post explaining car registration fees in California. The company provides non-standard auto insurance and other financial products and services, including homeowners insurance, renters insurance, and roadside assistance to clients across the United States.

Company representative Agnes Zabawa says, “It does not matter if you are a lifelong resident or a new transplant to the state, you need to keep up on California car registration requirements. This can be somewhat of a challenge, because more often than not, the state updates the process and it can get a little bit confusing. Given how important it is for the community to be aware of all car registration fees, we have published an updated guide on the process for 2023.”

First and foremost, the type of vehicle matters. While the blog post focuses on cars, it does note that there are unique registrations required for the following: motorcycles, custom-built cars, special vehicles, and off-highway vehicles. Next, where and how the car was purchased matters. For example, the way the registration process is handled depends on whether the car was purchased from a private party or from a licensed dealership. On top of this, there is also a separate process for converting a ‘non-transferable’ registration to one that is ‘transferable’.

As Insurance Navy explains, anyone who is considered a resident of California is subject to California car registration laws. Legally, for the purposes of car registration and fees, the state defines a resident as anyone who is employed by a company within the state, has a home in the state which they claim a tax exemption for, leases or rents an apartment or home within the state, applies for any state-issued documents such as voter registration or a driver’s license, or enrolls a dependent in school within the state (including universities).

New residents have no more than 20 days to comply with the car registration laws and pay the fees to the state’s DMV. Failure to do so will result in additional late fees in addition to the standard registration fee(s). The basic registration fee is $60, with a Transportation Improvement fee that varies based on the value of the car (which can be as little as $0 or all the way up to $188), and a State Highway Patrol fee (coming in at $27).

If the deadlines are missed, California residents will be subject to late fees that increase with the duration of the delinquency. It costs $30 if they are less than one year delinquent, $50 if between 1-2 years delinquent, and $100 if more than 2 years delinquent. California Highway Patrol fees will also incur late penalties at rates similar to the vehicle registration late penalties. The full blog post on Insurance Navy’s website delves into a lot more detail about California car registration fees.

Zabawa says, “As we have already explained, whether you have just recently moved or are a lifelong resident of the state, you would be wise to keep informed about the changing policies, fees, and procedures for car registration in California. Each year, California updates its car registration policies. While more often than not these are just changed fees, sometimes they can be major changes that can have a big impact on your life or wallet if you have not been paying attention. Our guide is just a start, and while we hope that you found it helpful, please do remember that if you have any questions or concerns, you can get in touch with us. And it goes without saying, before you register your car, you would be smart to have affordable car insurance. Insurance Navy provides the best car insurance you could ask for in California for all cars and drivers at an affordable rate. Visit our website and get a quote today to get started.”

The Insurance Navy website contains more information about the company itself and the wide range of services they offer. Agnes Zabawa encourages interested parties to use the form on the website to get a free quote or get in touch with a representative from the company for any other questions or concerns. Insurance Navy can also be reached via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and so on.


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