Calgary Roofing Experts Discuss Some of the Traits that Quality Roofing Companies Possess

Superior Roofing of Calgary has taken the time to discuss some of the traits that quality roofing companies possess. They feel that those that use this checklist when hiring a roofing contractor stand the best chance to be very pleased with the results from that work. It was also pointed out that by choosing the right roofing contractor a person will also take a big step towards maintaining their home’s value.

The company owner, Matt Nguyen, says, “Your roof is perhaps the most critical structure that makes up any part of your home. That’s because if it’s not in a state of good repair and leaking that can cause many problems for you. This includes everything from breaking down your home's support structure to ruining the contents inside of your home. That’s why it’s so important to make a sound choice when it comes to hiring someone to work on your roof in Calgary. We want to help you with that by pointing out some traits that we feel all good roofing companies should have. If you look for these traits when hiring a roofing contractor, it will help you find one that will do a great job for you on any roof repairs that you need.”

He said the first trait that customers should base a roofing contractor hire in is how they go about doing their business. Nguyen says they should be willing to go the extra mile for their customers by doing such things as doing free inspections and estimates. An inspection also helps to give any roofing job more credibility and helps produce an accurate that does not give the customer any big surprises when they get their final bills. He says that a written labor warranty is also essential for any customer to be provided with. The company owners also mentioned that a roofing company’s crews should be experienced and well-trained too. He says that’s why his crews are led by roofing techs that have been in the business for many years and are among the best that can be found working in the Calgary area. They also should be factory-certified to work with the products that they install and have a full-time safety coordinator on staff like they do to ensure those at the company always put the best safety practices at the forefront of what they do. Nguyen also says that he firmly believes that a competent roofing contractor should be recognized by business overwatch groups and their peers. He says that’s why it’s so important with him to maintain their highest A+ rating with the local Better Business Bureau and to have been the recipient of several awards such as the Homestar’s ‘Best of 2018’ award. These traits and more are discussed in more detail here at

Nguyen states that those looking to hire a roofing contractor should also look at reviews that have been left on the company y their customers. He said he is very proud of the fact that those that have used Superior Roofing’s services rate them very favorably. Sharon wrote in her 5-star review, “Kudos to Superior Roofing! As the owner of several revenue properties in Calgary, Matt and his team are the best roofers I have worked with and have now hired them several times. They give a very fair and reasonable quote, always start work ahead of schedule, finish ahead of schedule, are honest, are considerate to tenants in the building, and clean up everything. They also provide a warranty, which I’ve never needed to use. Overall, a great company that I would recommend to others! Thanks Matt!”

According to Nguyen, Superior Roofing specializes in all different types of roof repairs. He says that can be anything from replacing a few shingles, detecting and resolving leaks, or doing an entire roof replacement. The company specializes in working with such roofing materials as asphalt shingles, cedar shake, rubber roofing, and highly decorative and durable metal roofing panels. They also are well-known in the Calgary, Alberta area for their siding and eavestrough replacement services.

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