Calgary HVAC, Plumber & Toilet Service Boosts Capacity

AB based Reliable Plumbers Calgary is pleased to share that they have taken new steps in their mission to provide the most comprehensive plumbing, heating and water heater services in the area. Among other initiatives, the company has hired new employees to ensure that their customers are not kept waiting when they need assistance. Learn more here:

Mike Reliable of Reliable Plumbers Calgary states, “Our community tends to value one thing about as much as a reliable service, and that is punctuality. When you reach out for professional help, you shouldn’t be left waiting for hours on the phone or be promised that help will show up at a certain time only to be disappointed. Plumbing and heating issues in particular can develop from minor annoyances into dangerous problems, sometimes depending on the weather and time of day, so we are extremely aware that our customers’ well being is sometimes in our hands. At Reliable Plumbers Calgary, we take this responsibility seriously, and our new hires will continue to make sure you will never find yourself without aid.”


Having served local communities for more than 20 years, Reliable Plumbers Calgary has extensive experience working with all kinds of customers and in all manner of situations. Reliable has also spent the past several years investing in their team’s skill set as well as the equipment they use. Today, this means that the company can handle virtually any plumbing or heating issue on their customers’ behalf, and they have become accustomed to working in a variety of locations, be they residential, commercial, educational or municipal in nature.

Their customers have long come to expect the company to exclusively assign technicians who are fully licenced, bonded and insured, and the new employees are no different. Reliable Plumbers Calgary asserts that every technician who joined their team recently has undergone a stringent certification process to satisfy the company’s high standards. “Should our existing customers see a new face,” says Reliable, “they will rest assured that they will still get the same great service they are used to.” The primary difference, he explains, is that the company can now extend their valuable assistance to many more in the community.

However, Reliabel acknowledges that this will sometimes still not be enough to respond to everyone who needs help. In certain situations, the company may find themselves overwhelmed, such as during widespread emergencies. Fortunately, they reassure their community that circumstances of this kind have already been accounted for.

For one, the company has partnered with other plumbing contractors in Calgary to provide better services and affordable quotes. While the name of the provider responding to a call may change, any concerns a customer may have should be quelled by the fact that Reliable Plumbers Calgary has chosen to partner only with providers who deliver a satisfactory standard of service. As a family owned-and-operated business, they understand that customers need to feel comfortable with the technicians who arrive on their doorstep. Reliable Plumbers Calgary only works with providers who deliver a similarly premium service as their own.

“Whatever the circumstances, we want you to feel certain that help is on its way if you experience a plumbing emergency,” says Reliable. “That is why we have purchased new trucks to help increase how fast we get to our customers and improve our availability. In addition to this, we have plumbing technicians on standby day and night who are ready to get on the road and make their way to you at a moment’s notice.” He explains that customers rarely have to wait longer than 30 minutes, and the longest delay the company considers practical is an hour. Furthermore, their process includes offering free estimates as well as a 1-year warranty before they even begin their work.

Those who wish to learn more about Reliable Plumbers Calgary are welcome to visit their official website for further details. Customers are also advised to contact the company’s 24-hour emergency hotline if they have a burst pipe, malfunctioning boiler or similar issue that requires a professional’s immediate attention. Reliable Plumbers Calgary is proud to stand behind the quality of their work, and they look forward to showing their community what their new employees and equipment are capable of.


For more information about Reliable Plumbers Calgary, contact the company here:

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