Calgary Dispensary in Dover Offers Delivery, Pickup

Dank Cannabis Dispensary of Dover, Calgary, is revamping their website to create a new online ordering system shopping for cannabis delivery. Dank Cannabis Dispensary is one of many dispensaries that began offering same day weed delivery after a recent law change in Alberta that allows cannabis delivery by licensed dispensaries, instead of the previous system, where the provincial government managed the only online store allowed to sell cannabis products for delivery.

This change was a part of a recent effort by the Albertan government to reduce the responsibilities of the provincial government so they can do the things the government really needs to do more effectively, and thus be a more helpful government for all Albertans. One focus of the effort was on minimizing red tape and encouraging job creation, and by allowing the already licensed cannabis dispensaries to offer weed delivery instead of trying to manage this type of store themselves, the government of Alberta has reached both goals at once. Since the change was announced, many dispensaries have been lining up new fleets of delivery staff, including Dank Cannabis and their Dover dispensary. Weed based retailers expect an uptick in sales now that customers are able to order online for same day local delivery, as well as mail order delivery for customers who don’t live near a dispensary.

Calgary Dispensary in Dover Neighbourhood

The new website for Dank Cannabis Dispensary will allow customers to easily brows their selection of cannabis products, which includes top-quality pre-rolls, weed, edibles and more. Once they’ve found what they want to order, they’ll be able to order through the website, and if they live in a part of Calgary that Dank Cannabis Dispensary serves with their fleet of same day delivery drivers, they’ll be able to get their product handed to them at their door within hours. Customers can also opt to pick up their orders from one of Dank Cannabis Dipensary’s locations. The dispensary even offers curbside pickup, for customers who don’t feel comfortable entering the store, or who just want the extra convenience of a budtender coming out to meet them. Offering delivery just gives Dank Cannabis Dispensary the chance to serve their community with even more of outstanding service and care they are known for providing to all of their customers.

Dank Cannabis Dispensary has a wide range of products available for delivery through their website, meaning they have options for everyone from beginner cannabis users to experienced aficionados. Their selection of flower includes a number of different strains of weed, including indicas and sativas, and strains with higher or lower portions of THC and CBD. For heavy users and people who want to stock up, some of their packages of flower weigh up to 28 grams. Many strains are also available in smaller portions as well, such as 3.5 grams or 7 grams. Every product sold by Dank Cannabis dispensary has been carefully selected to offer the best cannabis experience possible, and the danktenders at the dispensary are happy to help customers with any questions they might have about how to best and most safely use their product. Their selection also includes products fit for vaporizing or edible consumption, and they even have concentrates and topically applied cannabis products, which can be especially good for those interested in directing the effects of the cannabis to a specific part of their body.

Readers who are interested in learning more about Dank Cannabis Dispensary or the products they provide can visit the company website or contact them by email or phone. Their website contains a lot of useful information about the dispensary and the products they provide. The website also allows for easy navigation of products, and a place for customers to order cannabis online for delivery or pickup. Customers may also be interested in reading their dispensary's announcements to learn more about what is happening in the wide world of cannabis and more specifically with the excellent neighborhood dispensary, Dank Cannabis Dispensary of Dover, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


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