C.M. Products Company Sets Out To Ensure Election Safety At Polling Places

C.M. Products is pleased to announce that they have added HOCL to their product line. HOCL (Hypochlorous acid) is an approved Sanitizer/Disinfectant by both the (CDC) Center for Disease Control and (WHO) World Health organization recognized for killing a harder-to-kill pathogen than SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19); an Emerging viral pathogen. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has approved HOCL products to be effective against most known pathogens.

With the addition of this HOCL product, C.M. Products is proud to partner with the St. Charles County Election Authority to help make the polling places even safer this election season. The COVID-19 crisis is unlikely to end any time soon, so officials are working around the clock to try and ensure all election proceedings go smoothly despite the pandemic.

Every polling place in St. Charles County will have a bottle of our powerful sanitizer to use throughout the day on surfaces and in the air to ensure that they remain as safe as possible. The risk associated with large gatherings such as those likely to be found at polling places can be lessened greatly by using such powerful sanitizing products as SaniPower+. The St. Charles County Election Authority believes that the safety of voters in the county is of paramount importance, and the decision to use safer heavy-duty sanitation products to protect our community from sickness causing germs and bacteria will reduce the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus.

HOCL provides a gentle, effective way to sanitize surfaces, sanitizing high touch-points, bathrooms, restaurants, hotel rooms, and more, leaving behind no discoloration or residue. It can be used with foggers, misters, spray bottles, or even mops to keep large areas germ-free. It can also safely and effectively sanitize commercial establishments, providing customers and employees with a chemical-free environment. SaniPower+ has been chosen as the product that will help keep St. Charles voters safe during this election season.

“Effective cleaning and sanitation has always been an important task in protecting the health and well-being of everyone,” says C.M. Products. “A wide variety of pathogens can reside on the surfaces we interact with long after a person leaves, and consequently can act as a mechanism of transmission. It's critical to thoroughly and effectively sanitize surfaces to reduce the transmission of biological organisms that can adversely affect our health. This has never been truer or more important than it is today.”

There has always been a tight line to walk between the efficacy of a sanitizing product and its safety to the end-user. Products that are highly effective at eliminating pathogens (like bleach) can also pose environmental, health and safety concerns. More benign products, on the other hand, tend to be less effective and may give microbes the chance to develop immunity and become superbugs. A greener, safer, and more effective option, HOCL is ideal for residential, commercial and medical use. Find out more at www.SaniPowerPlusMidwest.com.

The St. Charles County Election Authority is working hard to ensure that voters are safe this election season. The pandemic has disrupted a great number of systems around the country, but officials are working to ensure that it does not disrupt the elections and that these proceedings do not inadvertently worsen the situation. Gathering in large groups can be problematic — but also necessary to vote this year. SaniPower+ is making it easier to mitigate those risks. Find out more about the upcoming elections and how to vote at https://www.sccmo.org/410/Election-Authority.


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