Businesses Invited To Attend Free Q&A Webinar On Website Privacy

Fort Mill, SC based Reliable Acorn is pleased to announce that an online Q&A webinar about Website Privacy will be hosted by Curious Ants on March 30th, 2022 (Wednesday). The audience will be speaking with Termageddon, an accessible Privacy Policy generator that is fully automated.

“Internet privacy for consumers is a complicated topic that is frequently changing,” says David Zimmerman, the SEO Coach at Curious Ants. “This is a rare opportunity to ask questions of the experts at Termageddon. They will help explain what you need to know about privacy to protect your company or your clients.”

The webinar will be hosted online and take place from 2pm to 3pm Eastern Time (US). Those who wish to attend will receive an invitation and the relevant call information when they sign up for a free account on the Curious Ants website. All membership tiers on Curious Ants are welcome to attend, and non-members are welcome to create a free account for this purpose as well. Curious Ants adds that all information shared during this Website Privacy Q&A webinar is intended to give attendees insight on the evolving nature of US privacy laws and a look at overall trends and not legal advice.

According to Termageddon, website privacy laws are generally built to protect the consumer, not the website or business in question, so privacy laws will apply in the jurisdiction of each of the website’s visitors. This is true even across state lines in the US. Several states are also proposing laws that will enable consumers to sue businesses anywhere in the country for not having a compliant Privacy Policy. Given that any website that collects information about their customers (such as email addresses via online ‘Contact Us’ forms) can be found non-compliant with privacy laws without an adequate Privacy Policy, it is important for the businesses that run these websites to stay up-to-date with the laws in every state — and update their Privacy Policy accordingly.

Termageddon’s service simplifies this process for their community to a great extent. On one hand, they accomplish this by keeping track of legal changes in every applicable legislature in the US. However, they are also able to proactively update their client’s Privacy Policy on their behalf, thereby ensuring that they are always compliant with local privacy laws for a customer they may be serving online.

Customer reviews for Termageddon’s service indicate that they deliver on all fronts. W. Gilbert says in their Google review, “If you're a web developer, this is a great value add for your clients who need policies for their sites anyway. If you're a small business owner and you need always up-to-date policies for your website — and you do — and you don't want to have to pay your attorney every time the laws change or are updated — and you don't — Termageddon offers the perfect solution at an insanely affordable price. And their support and service is exceptional. I highly recommend them.”

Curious Ants teaches people how to do search engine optimization (SEO). It is interested in privacy policies because it relates to how you can collect data to measure the success of an SEO campaign. Their goal is to educate their community on SEO while helping them actively put these lessons to good use. Attendees are highly encouraged to come prepared with any question or concerns they may have on the subject.

Those interested may reach out to David Zimmerman of Reliable Acorn (media representative for Curious Ants) for further details. All relevant details can also be found on the Curious Ants website.


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