Business Coach Maria Gudelis Launches Facebook Page For Training Program - I Am Possible Now

Life coach, business consultant, and founder of multiple million-dollar online companies, Maria Gudelis, has announced the launch of a new Facebook page for her training program aimed at course creators, subject matter experts, and coaches called “I Am Possible Now.” Readers can visit the Facebook page by heading over to the link:

The newly launched Facebook page is already seeing regular posts and engagement from those who are interested in learning from Maria. As of the time of writing, the page has 991 likes and 1,018 people are following it for updates. One of the recent posts on the page was an invite for an online event that took place on 18th March 2022. The online event was named the “Traffic Sprint Workshop” and the event description billed it as a working session to build a social sales post in public. The session aimed to come up with a social post idea as a group, followed by a demonstration of the best tips and strategies to build an ultimate ad, and finally, using it to get traffic that brings in sales. There are also quite a few video uploads on the Facebook page that cover a gamut of relevant topics such as a case study with two of Maria’s successful mentees Jacqueline and Minna, co-founders of The Product Boss, a video on the effect of the new iOS update on email open rates, an informational session on 10 ways to grow a group fast, and others that might pique the interest of those interested in finding out more about Maria’s training program.

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Maria Gudelis’s new training program, “I Am Possible Now”, is meant to help course creators and coaches scale their businesses to 6 and 7 figures with online marketing systems. The training program helps those who are experts in a particular field monetize their knowledge by finding an audience that finds their expertise and content valuable. The program’s website claims that some of Maria’s existing mentees started making upwards of $50K a month, in 90 days or less, selling their information online without having had to learn technical skills, hard-selling skills, or complicated sales funnels. Readers can attend a short masterclass to watch a case study, in which Maria helped a client go from zero to $67K in their first month of being coached by her, by heading over to the link:

When asked about the launch of the “I Am Possible Now” program and its accompanying Facebook page, Maria Gudelis says, “I want everyone to know that they are a fountain of wisdom that is itching to break loose and spread knowledge to anyone willing to listen. All of us are gifted and skilled at a particular trade and over the years you have probably accumulated mountains of insight into the niche that you are a subject matter expert in. That knowledge and skill is an untapped source of income that can be unleashed to enrich not just yourself, but also the hearts and minds of those who want to hear from you. The ones that you share your abundant knowledge with will be thankful to you for taking the time to craft a structured content roadmap that they can use to learn from and positively impact their own lives. I can help you find that audience. I’ll also help you create a system to build a mutually beneficial, long-term, sustainable business that will add real value to countless individuals who need to learn the skills that you have painstakingly acquired over a lifetime. So head over to the Facebook page or the website today and find out more about how I can help you kickstart your career as a course creator or coach and find a dedicated online community for you to guide.”

Readers who want to find out more about Maria Gudelis’s “I Am Possible Now” program can do so by contacting her at the phone number (401) 426-2133 or the email address Readers can find out more about Maria, her storied corporate career, and her stint as a highly successful entrepreneur by heading over to the link:


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