Bullseye Tax Relief Discusses the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty and the 4180 Interview in New Blog Series

Bullseye Tax Relief, based in Northridge, CA, but serving clients across the nation, is discussing the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty, also known as the TFRP, in their upcoming blog post series. The first blog post in the series, entitled Rush Tax Relief - Trust Fund Penalty, discusses all of the major points of interest and concern when it comes to the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty, including what the TFRP is, who is potentially responsible, and how to avoid letting the problem grow. The blog post also goes on to discuss rush tax relief services and why they could be beneficial in situations with critical deadlines, like the TFRP. In the following posts, the team at Bullseye Tax Relief discusses the next steps in the TFRP process like the Trust Fund Penalty Assessment and the 4180 Interview. To learn more about the TFRP or the 4180 Interview, interested readers can check the Bullseye Tax Relief blog in the upcoming days, or view the Bullseye Tax Relief Trust Fund Penalty Page.

“When most people hear ‘trust fund penalty,’ they think of trust funds. But with the TFRP, that’s just not the case,” the CEO of Bullseye Tax Relief, Maximos Behnan, said. “The trust funds that the TFRP refers to are commonly known as employment taxes or payroll taxes. In this case, these are referred to as trust fund taxes because they are the taxes a company withholds from an employee’s pay like social security, medicare and FICA until they are paid to the IRS. The tax amount that belongs to the IRS - which is the amount withheld by the employer to forward to the IRS that wasn’t paid - is the base for calculating the Trust fund recovery penalty. It's so important to work with an experienced tax resolution specialist when dealing with the TFRP since these cases tend to be more complicated than other tax issues and require more knowledge and greater attention to details.”

Besides being able to help clients with the TFRP and the 4180 Interview, Bullseye Tax Relief specializes in assisting companies with payroll and employment tax resolution. Those interested in learning more about the different types of employment and payroll tax, as well as the tax resolution services available if a business is struggling with IRS tax debt in these areas, can visit the Bullseye Tax Relief Employment Tax Page.

Bullseye Tax Relief can also help taxpayers with other tax-related services. For instance, Bullseye Tax Relief also offers assistance with tax preparation for individuals and businesses - both income and payroll. In addition to these other services, Bullseye Tax Relief proudly offers a free initial consultation and transcript analysis for new clients.

To learn more about Bullseye Tax Relief, the TFRP or the 4180 Interview, readers can visit the Bullseye Tax Relief website at www.bullseyetaxrelief.com. For potential new clients looking to schedule a free consultation and transcript analysis, Bullseye Tax Relief can be reached by email at info@bullseyetaxrelief.com or by phone at (844) 582-3323 during the hours of 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday.


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