Bullseye Tax Relief Discusses Benefits of Offer in Compromise

Bullseye Tax Relief, a tax resolution specialist located in Northridge, CA, has published a new blog series discussing tax resolution services like Offer in Compromise. While many Americans suffer from tax debt to the IRS, not all are aware of the variety of options available to them to tackle this debt. And in many cases, unresolved tax debt issues only grow or worsen over time. That’s why the team at Bullseye Tax Relief has decided to launch this next step in their blog series, Tax Resolution: What are my Options?

While Bullseye Tax Relief is located in Northridge, CA, they are proud to serve Americans nationwide. Especially during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the resulting changes in the way all Americans work, shop and interact, conducting tax resolution services through video chat services like Zoom and over the phone is just the new normal.

To help new potential clients break through the barrier of their tax debt, Bullseye Tax Relief offers a free consultation and transcript analysis for new customers. With the economic and financial challenges we are facing as a nation, the team at Bullseye Tax Relief wanted to give people some ease of mind when it comes to addressing their tax debt and tax resolution needs. With the free consultation and transcript analysis, new customers can start to evaluate their options and begin to see the light at the end of the tax debt tunnel.

“Financial education and debt management are not skills taught in high school,” the CEO of Bullseye Tax Relief, Maximos Behnan, said. “Because of this, many people are unaware of all of the options that are available to them when it comes to relieving that debt. Depending on the specific situation of an individual or a business, there are different tax resolution solutions available to help them repay their debt to the IRS. Some, like Offer in Compromise, actually allow an individual or a business to repay less of the debt than they originally owed, as long as they meet certain guidelines established by the tax authority. Lowering the total amount owed to the IRS can make a huge difference in someone’s life, and we want people to know that it may be an option.”

Tax resolution services like Offer in Compromise have certain requirements that an individual or business must meet in order to qualify and apply. The main requirements are that an individual or business would experience financial hardship by paying the debt back in full and that the individual or business’s taxes and finances are essentially in order, meaning that all of the required tax returns have been filed, the proper tax payments have been made and there are no current bankruptcy cases associated with the business or individual. For more information about the prerequisites required to qualify for Offer in Compromise, interested readers can view the Bullseye Tax Relief page discussing Offer in Compromise in greater detail.

To learn more about Bullseye Tax Relief or for new clients interested in scheduling a free consultation, please visit the Bullseye Tax Relief website at https://www.bullseyetaxrelief.com. To get in contact with the team, interested readers can reach them by email at info@bullseyetaxrelief.com, or by phone during normal business hours at (844) 582-3323.


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