Builder Lead Converter Presents 3 Key Strategies to Upsell and Cross Sell Effectively

Builder Lead Converter, a company based in Prior Lake, MN, has recently released a blog post that explains how to up-sell and cross-sell current clients. Up-selling and cross-selling offer a great way to boost sales without having to go through the inconvenience of acquiring new leads. An important benefit of cross-selling and up-selling is that it provides the opportunity for the marketer or business to show clients that the company appreciates their business through the offer of additional services that can complement what they have already bought. More about this can be gleaned from the article on the Builder Lead Converter official site.

It is important to note that up-selling and cross-selling are related to selling and are often used as a strategy to increase sales. Upselling is selling a higher priced version of what the customer has bought, usually at what is considered by the buyer to be a bargain. For instance, the marketer can point out that by just adding a few dollars, the buyer can have a bigger or much better version of the product. On the other hand, cross-selling is selling another product that is related to what was bought. For instance, when a customer buys a pair shoes, the marketer can offer socks that go well with the shoes.

There are three main strategies for effective up-selling and cross-selling that every builder will need to incorporate. One is value perception. The added value must be perceived by the customer as one that really carries a lot of weight. For instance, the increase in size or having a much better product with the addition of a few dollars must be viewed by the customer to carry a lot of weight. For instance, if the customer is not really concerned about having a bigger product or may even consider it to be an inconvenience because it is bulkier and heavier, the up-selling strategy may fail. Likewise, if the customer doesn’t like the way the socks look, the cross-selling strategy may fail. This blog post may also be accessed through the Builder Lead Converter Evernote tool.

The second key strategy is emotional appeal. This is already a strategy used by marketers in selling their products. In fact, master sellers know that simply presenting the logical benefits of a product or service is usually not enough to make the sale. However, if they are able to find that emotional appeal of the product or service, they are likely to make the sale. For instance, in buying a home, marketer will usually explain the advantages, such as a lower price and the lower interest rate, but the buying decision will not usually be made until the buyer has found something that is emotionally appealing for them such as the refreshing air that the buyer feels and smells while sitting on the patio. Expert sellers often suggest that the buyer imagine themselves and their families sitting there, enjoying the refreshing air and the beautiful views of the majestic mountains and the lake down below. That is when the sale is made. In the same way, the emotional appeal is important when up-selling or cross-selling.

And the third key strategy is timing, which means that the customer must be aware of all the various products and services available to them at specific times. The marketer must know the perfect time to make the offer for an up-sell or a cross-sell. It may not work if it is too soon or too late.

Founded in 2006, Builder Lead Converter has a team of professionals who act as sales and marketing assistant for home builders and remodelers. Their mission is to double the productivity of new home builders and remodeling salespeople by offering them a perfect sales assistant. They serve as the perfect sales assistant, allowing the home builders and remodelers to do what they do best, which is to design, sell, and build new homes and remodeling projects.

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