Builder Lead Converter: How A Home Builder Can Grow Revenue Without Ads

Prior Lake, MN based Builder Lead Converter is reaching out to show their community how home builders can reach more customers without traditional advertising. As the internet continues its rapid expansion, more opportunities are opening up for those who have the foresight to take advantage of them, and Builder Lead Converter is eager to share their insight on the subject. See more on the company’s Wordpress page.

One of the issues with paid ads is that they can be exorbitantly expensive, and this effectively puts them out of reach for a majority of businesses. However, where advertisements of this kind were once an unavoidable expense if a business wished to expand their horizons, this is no longer necessarily true. In fact, businesses can often leverage other options much more effectively with a relatively minor (or even negligible) investment.

In a recent entry to the company’s ‘Conversations That Convert’ video series, hosts Rick and Daiana discuss this topic in some detail. The problem, Rick explains, is that paid ads and paid leads come with a very high cost yet result in low conversions. Furthermore, business in this industry tends to come in waves due to its seasonal nature. For one part of the year, a contractor may be inundated with enough projects to keep them busy, but this eventually tapers off to the point that they have to look hard for new ways to market themselves in order to keep bringing in new customers. However, Rick believes this is not necessary, and remodelers and home builders can actually grow sales and revenue exclusively with organic platforms. Read more about this on Tumblr.

As Daiana points out, businesses that want to market themselves will need to begin by taking stock of their strengths. This will give them the perspective they need to identify where they can improve. “What is important to understand is that,” Rick adds, “when you get to the part where you think you need more leads, and you’re considering running an ad or doing some sort of promotional campaign to promote your business, is you never want to start that campaign and spend that money until you have looked at what you’ve already set up organically — and make sure that you’re not losing business.”

Rick also encourages the community to consider their ‘opportunity leaks,’ instances where the business is missing out on great opportunities. He mentions three examples in the video, with the first being a lack of ‘lead magnets’ and relevant information on the business’ website. A lead magnet, he explains, is a method by which the customer has both the incentive and means to contact the business (such as a Contact form).

Customers who are looking for a business to handle their project will be looking for certain factors, Rick says, and contractors should make sure the website includes these factors. For instance, they generally prefer to see examples of the contractor’s past work in order to gauge the quality of the services they provide, but this is not the only aspect of a business that customers want to learn about. See the company’s Evernote space for more.

The second example of an opportunity leak is an unspecified location. Rick explains that businesses should ensure their leads understand exactly what service area they target (such as which cities or neighborhoods they typically work in). Customers that live within the specified area will be more likely to work with a contractor they believe is more familiar with their requirements.

The third example he shares is pricing information. Here, Rick acknowledges again that most businesses are of the opinion that they should not include pricing information on their website. However, he contends that this is not feasible today since businesses that fail to display their prices will either lose leads or attract the wrong kind of leads. On this note, he advises that contractors add examples of their work (such as in the gallery) that are within the price range they mention, as this will help customers determine whether or not the contractor’s services fit their requirements. Ultimately, businesses will find that they are more likely to be contacted by serious customers who are already willing to meet their prices.

Builder Lead Converter helps home builders and remodelers grow sales revenue and margins while navigating supply chain and labor market issues. Their video series offers a lot of insight on the subject, but interested parties are welcome to contact the company via phone or email to schedule a free strategy call. More information about Builder Lead Converter can be found on their website.


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