Builder Lead Converter Explains How a Home Builder Can Build a Personal Connection with New Leads Online

Builder Lead Converter, a company based in Prior Lake, MN, has recently published a blog post that explains how a home builder or remodeler can build a personal connection with new leads online and differentiate themselves from the competition. In this Builder Lead Converter Wordpress article, the Conversations that Convert video series features Greg Bay, President of Blue Tangerine, discussing with Rick Storlie, founder of Builder Lead Converter, how to create an online emotional connection with new home leads.

The article and video presents the kinds of emotional decision-making that are involved in the home buying process. It is important to examine how a buyer’s emotion fits into the home builder’s online interactions. For instance, it is vital to note what is the prospective buyer’s immediate goal when visiting the home builder’s website for the first time. At this point, it is essential to check if there are any negative emotions that a site visitor can perceive through the website and make the necessary adjustments. It is also important to understand the tools and strategies that home builders can use to establish an emotional connection with new leads and build trust online. It is advisable to comprehend these concepts that will result into more sales.

The above-mentioned article can also be accessed as a Builder Lead Converter Evernote notebook. Builder Lead Converter is a provider of services that help with the sales and marketing of home builders and remodeling companies. One of the tools they offer is the done-for-you Revenue & Profit system that will position the client’s company for long term growth by pushing up their average sales price and profit margin on each sale they make. This is vital because the current labor shortage and supply chain problems are limiting the number of projects that a home builder can complete month. Their Revenue & Profit system is used for a period of over 90 days to boost revenue and margins by using six proprietary tools that will elevate the business to the next level and position them for growth in any market condition. Another service that can be offered by Builder Lead Converter is hands-free appointment booking through their Lead Connector chat widget.

Furthermore, Builder Lead Converter can also allow home builders and remodelers to benefit from sales automation by capturing, converting, and closing new home and remodeling professional’s leads. With this automation, the client will be able to focus on other vital issues involving the business. During the capture stage, they will plug any opportunity leaks from the website by filling them with lead magnets and if asked for, drive more opportunities to the business through the use of Facebook and Google ads. Meanwhile, referral leads are generated by establishing an five-star online reputation through highly positive online reviews.

The next step is for Builder Lead Converter to follow up every lead, book appointments for the client’s sales team and work every lead until they finally buy. They will help fill the client’s sales pipeline with satisfied homeowners that can also help in bringing in new customers via referrals, increase the number of proposals, generate testimonials from customer feedback, and boost the client’s credibility as the home builder of choice.

Established in 2006, Builder Lead Converter is made up of a team of professionals who function as a sales and marketing assistant for home builders and remodeling companies. Their aim is to double the productivity of new home builders and remodeling salespeople by offering them with the most appropriate sales assistant. They serve as the perfect sales assistant, allowing the home builders and remodelers to do what they do best, which is to design, sell, and construct new homes and complete remodeling projects.

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