Bryter Restoration of Wilmington Offers Mold Removal and Water Damage Cleanup

Bryter Restoration of Wilmington, a company based in Wilmington, North Carolina, wants to announce that they are offering mold removal and water damage cleanup and restoration services. Mold growth is a problem that often comes with water getting inside the home. Thus, the company who is a leader in water damage restoration also provides mold remediation and removal services. And since water damage and mold growth are situations that could get worse over time, their emergency response technicians are available 24 hours a day, every day of the week to ensure prompt response to their clients.

John Bryter from Bryter Restoration of Wilmington says, “Water damage to your home or business can continue to escalate if materials or personal property are not allowed to dry out. Water damage can lead to long-term health problems because it can lead to allergic reactions and asthma. Mold can grow within 48-72 hours. This is why it is important to take precautions. It is imperative to immediately remove all water and dry the structure. The longer you wait, the more damage will occur. The longer that belongings and building materials are saturated with water, then the higher the risk They will be destroyed or mold growth will begin.”

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The company’s water damage specialists, who are provided with continuous training and education, will go to the property and offer help with various kinds of water damage problems. These include: sewage cleaning, basement water extraction, burst pipes, hardwood floor drying, toilet overflows, backups for drains, roof and window leaks, appliance malfunctions, and failure of the sump pump.

When there is flooding inside the home, it is advisable for homeowners and other property owners to remove any personal items that might get damaged by water. These could be collectibles, framed artwork, photo albums, and other valuable items. It is also important to turn off the electricity to avoid electrocution accidents.

When the water damage specialists arrive at the home of the client, they will inspect the affected areas and used moisture detection meters to find out those places also affected with the high humidity but are not so obvious. If there is flooding, they will extract the water with pumps. Next, they will use air movers, dehumidifiers and other equipment for drying the affected areas. It will take about three to four days to ensure that everything has been properly dried.

Meanwhile, every mold damage situation for the home or property is unique and will therefore require different remedies. However, the general mold remediation procedure will be the same. Since mold growth is due to excessive moisture, the primary task is to find the source of the water and get rid of it. It is also important to check indoor air quality because molds release spores that get into the air and can cause asthma and other allergic reactions. Mold can also ruin the appearance of the home. They can discolor the drywall, blackened grout line in the bathroom, darken decks, cause dark spots on siding and ceilings, and grow on damp wood. Mold cleanup has to be done as early as possible and as thoroughly as possible. Mold can be dangerous to people’s health because the spores could get released into the air, so it would be a good idea to get the assistance of mold removal specialists.

Bryter Restoration was founded after having provided water damage restoration services for a number of years in several counties in North Carolina, such as Pender County, Onslow County, Carteret County, Horry County, and Brunswick County, and the main cities of Moorehead, Wilmington, Myrtle Beach, Wrightsville Beach, and Carolina Beach. The water damage was due to several hurricanes and storms that passed through the area. Their goal is to help families restore their homes and other buildings to their previous conditions and to avoid further damage because of the weakening of structural parts and mold growth.

Homeowners and other property owners who would like to know more about the water damage cleanup services in Wilmington NC and other cities can visit the Bryter Restoration of Wilmington website or contact them through the telephone.


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