Brooklyn Car Accident Lawyer Receives Another Positive Testimonial From a Happy Client

New York, NY – Denis Davydov, a premier Brooklyn car accident lawyer, continues to add on to his winning record and reputation with one more favorable client testimonial.

Client Susan M. says: “My spouse and I were in a car accident and didn't know if we could even get any compensation. But I called this law office and the receptionist told us to go ahead and come in, to fill out some papers. Just a few months later they called us and said we got an offer from the insurance company! The whole thing was very simple, we almost didn't have to do anything. Very glad I decided to contact this lawyer.”

Brooklyn car accident lawyer

Located in Brooklyn, NY, and offering a professional service area that encompasses entire NYC, the Brooklyn car accident lawyer has built a reputation as an attorney effectively guiding clients through the processes and challenges of their lawsuits. Many personal injury attorneys consider car accident cases as some of the most complicated in their practice, but Denis Davydov and his law office staff at The Law Offices of Denis Davydov work hard to make sure that their personal injury clients are properly spoken for and fairly remunerated.

On Brooklyn car accidents, Denis Davydov said: “New York is a no-fault state. That means that a vehicle accident victim’s 1st source of compensation will be their own insurance policy, no matter the fault. Right after an incident, you or your automobile accident attorney will file a claim with your insurance provider. Unfortunately, insurance providers, as large, for-profit entities, don’t like to pay claims. Settlements can eat into the company’s profit margins. Therefore, your insurance provider will most likely come back with a lowball settlement deal, if they consent to pay the claim at all. The regrettable thing about insurance coverage is that the very company that you paid premiums to every year can not be relied upon to work in your best interests when you need them the most.”

Car accident lawsuits are known for their complicated nature and require a great deal of diligence and expertise to prove negligence and liability under New York State law.

Denis Davydov goes on to explain: “In the event that your costs exceed the number of your policy limitations or you have been denied compensation through your own company, you may have the capacity to pursue a settlement from the other party’s insurance carrier, whether that party is another driver, a municipality, or the car manufacturer. Because car accident claims can be complex, it’s critically important to have the assistance of an experienced New York car accident lawyer to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.”

Denis Davydov and the team at the Law Offices of Denis Davydov, work relentlessly to make certain each and every detail of a car accident case is thoroughly assessed. This process includes reviewing of police and medical records, a thorough review of other cases involving either party, researching similar legal cases in New York, and much more.

Denis Davydov and his firm make an effort to cater to all their clients in a manner that goes above and beyond the manner of a typical personal injury lawyer. They pride themselves on its ongoing commitment to clients, a caring and thoughtful manner, and fighting for their client's rights both in and out of the courtroom.

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