Bronx Pack and Ship Store Highlights FedEx Goal for Carbon Neutral Operations By 2040

fedex authorized ship center in Bronx, NY

Bronx, NY — FedEx aspires to be carbon neutral within the next 20 years with an entirely electric fleet of delivery vehicles. As a FedEx Authorized Ship Center in Bronx, NY, Allied Pack N Ship is delighted to partner with a company that has set a path to reduce their carbon footprint by changing the way they do business.

Because FedEx has over 200,000 vehicles on the roads, they want to do their part in saving the environment by reducing carbon emissions. They have been leaders in finding new energy sources and introduced their first electric car in the early 90s (which ran off a lead-acid battery). Furthermore, they became the first mail delivery company to use hybrid vehicles in 2003.

According to FedEx, “technology is advancing and manufacturing is scaling, which is helping us work toward an all-electric parcel pickup and delivery fleet by 2040—one of the steps on our journey to carbon neutral operations. Electric vehicles, e-cargo bikes, autonomous vehicles, and electric pallets can help us improve how we deliver. The transportation sector has a long way to go in integrating electric vehicles into our commercial fleets. But the market is now meeting the moment to enable us to better scale an electrification strategy for the FedEx global pickup and delivery fleet.”

FedEx's next step in their journey to becoming carbon-neutral is scheduled for 2025. Their goal is to have half of their vehicle purchases be electric by then. They want 100% of their vehicle purchases to be electric within 15 years and every FedEx pickup and delivery vehicle converted to be fully electric by 2040.

As FedEx transitions to an electric fleet, they are working with power suppliers, regulatory agencies and government officials to ensure that charging infrastructure is in place. They are also working with electricity providers to develop more sustainable grids that will support the large-scale charging of their electric fleet.

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