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Brandon, FL – In the United States, approximately forty percent of men forty-five and older have hypogonadism, also known as low testosterone. As men continue to age, the likelihood of having low testosterone steadily increases. Common signs of low testosterone in men include chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, poor concentration, irritability, hair loss, and muscle mass or bone density decreases. Fortunately, low testosterone is a treatable medical condition. Brandon Medical Center empowers its male patients to prioritize their physical health and strength with testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

Brandon Medical Center and its team of knowledgeable physicians specialize in providing patients with the safest and most effective modern treatments for a wide range of health conditions. In addition to low testosterone therapy, Dr. Kilgore and his team support patients with preventative health and wellness interventions. Brandon Medical Center meets its patient's comprehensive needs with medical weight loss treatments, low T therapy, bioidentical hormone therapy, IV hydration therapy, vitamin injections, personal training, and medi-spa aesthetic services. After receiving patient-centered, high-quality low T therapy at Brandon Medical Center, patients can typically return to a healthy physical state and live happy lives.

Cindy K, of Brandon Medical Center notes: "We see many men come in here who mention that they just don't feel like they used to, or they feel Off and not themselves. More often than not, these men, whose age can range from 35 and up, are just suffering from low testosterone. Usually, after seeing the doctor and getting treatment, they see results very quickly. We just need to let them know that there is a reason they feel like they do, and they don't need to continue to live like that. We recently published an article to help men determine if they may be feeling the effects of Low T. Obviously we recommend a visit with the doctor to accuratly determine whether they have Low T, however, it is a great guide on "what are the signs of Low Testosterone" that may really open mens eyes in just how insidious and common low T can be."

Brandon Medical Center and its friendly staff are experts in helping patients achieve long-term health. In Riverview, Brandon, and surrounding areas, patients choose Brandon Medical Center for its staff’s extensive medical experience, innovative solutions, and relaxed treatment setting. Dr. Kilgore and his team treat each patient like family while transforming and maintaining their health. Individuals concerned about symptoms of low testosterone or other common health conditions can call (813)502-6430 or visit to schedule a consultation.


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