Bradsby Group: Top Executive Search Firm Offers Insight on Post-Covid Recruiting Methods

The Bradsby Group Executive Recruiters, an executive and C-suite recruiting firm based in Denver, CO, is offering insights into their executive recruiting methods after the havoc wrought by the Covid pandemic as companies tried to adapt to the changing regulatory and policy responses to the pandemic and the disrupted supply chains. And because the chaos caused the pandemic is not yet over, executives will need to have the talent and the vital skills to drive change and lead their organizations in adapting to the current unprecedented business environment in order to remain in business.

Executive search and C-suite recruiting firms are taking note of these unique challenges faced by executives post-Covid and are making adjustments in their search and vetting methods. As such, firms and consultants needed to adjust to an uncertain market, travel restrictions, the shift to remote work, new service requirements, evolving leadership criteria, and altered expectations of both clients and candidates.

Executive Headhunters

While 2019 was an exceptionally good year for executive search firms like The Bradsby Group, the industry took a big hit in the second quarter of 2020. When the pandemic hit, there was a drastic decline in the demand for their services. This is because many organizations decided to put on hold their plans to make changes in their key executives because letting go of some people at the start of the pandemic would not have looked good for them.

Executive search firms, meanwhile, adapted to the new situation and quickly shifted to remote work and the use of digital collaboration and communication tools, often providing guidance to their clients in accepting the move to online evaluations and video-based interviews and onboarding. Not long after the first waves of the pandemic have hit, the executive recruiting industry began to show signs of revival and the profession was able to rebound back in the fourth quarter of 2020 and they continue to perform well.

At the present time, many firms are ready to surpass their pre-Covid business performance with established firms and brands and those companies that have a track record expected to continue to grow. In fact, many executive search firms are upbeat in the possibility of surpassing even their 2019 business performance.

The challenge at the present time is the drastic rise in demand for the services of executive search firms as the majority of organizations try to bounce back and therefore are in need of seasoned and skilled executives who can lead the push towards recovery. At the same time, executive search firms will need to continue with the shift towards the use of digital tools for communication and collaboration, and assessing candidates via online communication tools. Naturally, this has disrupted the conventional way of recruiting executives where face-to-face meetings were necessary. Business leaders would have been aghast at hiring an executive without actually meeting him or her in person but the pandemic had changed all that.

Furthermore, the requisite attributes of leaders have changed. Clients are now asking their search firms for a different type of leader. For instance, flexibility, adaptability and agility are qualities that are now in demand as clients want leaders who can thrive amidst change and uncertainty.

Founded in 2004, The Bradsby Group is an employee-owed firm. Their ESOP structure and compensation model have been a key factor in their success because it allowed them to assemble a team of highly motivated and uniquely collaborative, self-directed and entrepreneurial recruiters. By leveraging dedicated groups of senior recruiters for each position, they are able to cover more ground, allowing them to make more contacts and communications. The result is that they are able to deliver the best qualified, motivated, and vetted candidates. Another pillar of their recruitment philosophy is their belief that humans are still better than artificial intelligence in looking for and matching the best candidates to the best companies. Their experienced recruiters with deep knowledge of their industries provide value to both sides of each search, as they are able to comprehend and discern cultural appropriateness.

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