BR&D Landscape Launches New Website for Ponds in Colorado

BR&D Landscape Denver Colorado

BR&D Landscape, a Certified Aquascape Contractor that builds ponds and water features for customers in and around their local community in Colorado, is thrilled to announce the launch of their brand new website, designed to provide an excellent explanation of their services and showcase their expertise designing and building ponds, natural swimming pools, and other gorgeous outdoor water features, so their customers can have the oasis of their dreams. BR&D Landscape understands the importance of having strong community values, and as a locally-owned Colorado business, they are also familiar with the unique challenges presented to pond landscape designers by the Colorado climate. This means that they’re willing and able to help property owners in Colorado design and build the perfect water feature for their property.

BR&D Landscape is a Certified Aquascape Contractor, which means they have proven their ability to work with water feature parts designed and manufactured by Aquascape, the premiere manufacturer of water features and ecosystem ponds in North America. As Certified Aquascape Contractors, BR&D Landscape is a trusted installer of Aquascape’s ecosystem focused water gardens, including their low maintenance ecosystem pond, which is the water garden design by Aquascape most often installed by contractors. The ecosystem pond, and Aquascape’s ecosystem approach to designing water features prioritizes sustainability, balancing circulation, filtration, fish, plants, and other natural elements such as rocks and gravel, to create a healthy ecosystem that requires minimal external maintenance to remain in top shape. BR&D Landscape’s certification shows that they have the skills and expertise necessary to install and maintain ecosystem ponds designed by Aquascape, and can advise any customer in finding and building the perfect water feature for their needs. Many examples of their work can be found by visiting BR&D Landscape on Facebook.

Not only does BR&D Landscape have extensive experience building and designing exceptional ponds and water features for their customers in Colorado, they also provide maintenance services, including inspections, monitoring, and cleaning, for customers with existing ponds or water features in Colorado. They can remove debris, repair damage from winter storms, and generally ensure their client’s water gardens are in peak condition so they can look and perform their best. The expert professionals at BR&D Landscape will also perform routine maintenance and cleaning, and install filtration systems if they feel they are necessary for the performance of the pond. In addition to the building and maintenance of water features, BR&D Landscape will perform landscaping around water features, from planting to patios, to compliment the ponds and water features they work on, if their customers want them to.

One interesting type of water feature offered by BR&D Landscape is the natural swimming pool. These are pools that are designed for swimming but do not use chlorine to maintain their cleanliness. Instead, natural swimming pools use plants, biological filters, and mechanical filters to remove unwanted contaminants from the water and ensure the pool is safe for swimming. Natural swimming pools have a number of advantages over swimming pools that use harsh chemicals such as chlorine to keep the water clean, not least because of the risks associated with using harsh chemicals in copious amounts. Natural swimming pools, by contrast, are environmentally friendly, using natural processes to filter the water in a separate pool known as the regeneration zone. The concept of natural swimming pools, including natural filtering and a structure designed to look like a naturally created body of water, began as a trend in Europe several decades ago, and has gradually been gaining popularity in other parts of the world.

Natural Swimming Pond

As the #1 Certified Aquascape Contractor, BR&D Landscape has the experience necessary to design, build and maintain beautiful natural swimming pools for clients in Colorado who want an environmentally friendly swimming experience that resembles a pond or swimming hole they might find in the woods. BR&D Landscape can also provide landscaping services around the pools they build, to create a relaxing oasis for all their clients needs.


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