Bozeman Chiropractor Provides Relief For Colic Babies

Bozeman, MT-based Waypoint Chiropractic recently published a new blog post to inform the general public about colic in babies. The post also discusses how chiropractic care has been known to help not only with colic but with many other symptoms in babies. View it online at the following link:

As the practice notes, Infants are sweet, snuggly and adorable. However, they are also sensitive, tearful, unpredictable and seemingly inconsolable at times. Each baby is unique, which makes it difficult to identify the cause of their crying. The reason can be simple such as hunger, needing a diaper change or wanting to be held. However, there are also times when babies cannot be consoled by anything and they just continue crying for hours and hours on end for no identifiable reason. This condition is known as colic, defined by doctors as unexplained crying for three or more hours at least three days out of each week.

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Colic does not have just one specific known cause. However, parents can work together with doctors to try to identify the main factor for their baby’s restless crying. Identifying the main cause is the first step to stop babies from crying for long periods of time. One common cause of colic is an immature or inefficient nervous system. Medication can also be a factor that leads to discomfort in babies, which in turn leads to colic — but colic may also be related to sleep habits and tiredness. It can be difficult, but it is important to know how to identify whether a baby has colic or is just fussy. To determine if the reason is colic, parents can check whether their baby is clenching their fists, straightening their legs or tightening their stomach muscles while they are crying. Notably, babies with colic cannot be comforted by any normal means.

It can be very frustrating and disheartening to have a baby with colic. However, parents can rest assured that there are several methods to resolve the issue, such as by helping the baby relieve painful gas. This can be done by holding the baby in a different position, making changes to the baby’s diet or using medication to reduce gas. In some cases, dietary changes can be necessary. This might be in the form of a formula change for the baby, or if the baby is breastfed, a change in the mother’s diet. Baby massages and relaxing baths can also often help bring relief to babies with colic.

In cases where the baby has an immature nervous system, neurologically-based chiropractic care can help improve the situation. Babies with colic may need a gentle, safe chiropractic adjustment to reset their nervous systems and relieve them of colic. Waypoint Chiropractic’s Dr. Cary Gentry is an expert in the nervous system and has a great deal of experience in performing chiropractic adjustments to even the smallest newborns. Learn more here:

Several studies have shown that chiropractic care helps alleviate colic in babies. One study went so far as to choose not to tell parents about the treatment methods used on their child to avoid bias. The results of this study showed that the children who received chiropractic adjustments experienced improvements in colic symptoms. Another study dove into the long-term effects of colic (such as night waking and throwing tantrums into and throughout the toddler years). Colicky babies who received chiropractic care as infants showed better behavioral patterns during toddlerhood. Parents all around the world have seen improvements in their babies with colic after their babies have received chiropractic care.

Those who want to have chiropractic adjustments performed on their babies can check out Waypoint Chiropractic for more details. The practice has received great reviews over the years for their service. Bobby Alldis writes in their 5-Star Google review, “Dr. Cary and all of the people of Waypoint Chiropractic are very friendly and welcoming. They truly have your best in interest. You will not be disappointed.”

Emily Doyle also says, “This has been such a great experience. I love that Dr. Gentry can pinpoint exactly what needs to be adjusted and make an accurate adjustment each time. My kids (age 4 & 7) both go to get adjusted. The staff is very friendly, greeting right as you get in the door. Super clean facility and very inviting!”

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