Bozeman Chiropractor Highlights Path To Pain Relief For Arthritis Patients

Bozeman, Montana-based Waypoint Chiropractic is reaching out to the community to discuss how arthritis patients can find relief for their symptoms through professional chiropractors. This topic is also addressed in the clinic's latest blog entry.

Arthritis holds an unfortunate position as one of the most common debilitating conditions known to medicine, affecting nearly a quarter of the entire adult population in the US. Over 50 million people suffer some kind of symptom of arthritis, with about half experiencing daily limitations due to their condition. While the extent to which this affects their lives varies, the symptoms can still be frustrating and difficult to live with. They are also, unfortunately, only bound to get worse over time. However, this does not mean that arthritis symptoms can not be eased, nor does it mean that arthritis patients cannot find a way to improve their situation and hopefully reach a point where they can live life more comfortably once again.

Bozeman chiropractor for arthritis

"If you are suffering from arthritis, you must know that there is a way for you to find relief and comfort once again with the assistance of a professional chiropractor," says Dr. Cary Gentry, the main chiropractor at Waypoint Chiropractic. He continues, "Through innovative chiropractic care, we can help ease the pain that troubles you, allowing you to regain control of your life slowly but surely. We have helped thousands of arthritis patients, producing outstanding results that speak for themselves. One only needs to speak to one of our former patients to see this for themselves." More information can be found at:

Dr. Gentry practices neurologically-based chiropractic care that focuses on improving the function of the central nervous system. By adjusting the spine, which hosts the spinal cord, he seeks to correct any misalignment of vertebrae that may be present as this may contribute to inefficient brain-body communication. These careful corrections allow signals from the brain to flow more freely through the spinal column, in turn helping every part of the body work more effectively. This improved function can minimize swelling, inflammation, stiffness and pain related to arthritis.

"Our services are based on several year's worth of studies, along with the positive results that we have experienced with our patients. We always seek to offer reassurance and peace of mind to our patients," says Dr. Gentry. One of these studies followed a 70-year-old woman over 12 weeks, where she received specific adjustments to treat hip osteoarthritis and subsequent pain. After consistent chiropractic care, her mobility, balance and range of motion all improved — while her overall pain was reported to be, “very much better.”

Cases like these can be the best outcomes that arthritis patients can hope for since they have very few alternatives when it comes to managing their pain. This is incredibly significant due to how pain can impact daily life. While some medications and treatments can reduce the discomfort for a while, they are not long-term solutions and they do not get to the root cause of the problem. Those with arthritis need both short-term relief from pain as well as long-term health improvements to avoid experiencing other problems due to their arthritis.

Waypoint Chiropractic has successfully worked on several cases that attest to the effectiveness of chiropractic care in treating arthritis. They have helped countless patients find relief for their affliction, and this is evident in the numerous reviews they receive online.

Danielle Grace says in her top-rated review on the Google platform that, "Dr. Gentry and his team are wonderful, friendly and knowledgeable! They made our experience stress free, gave us hope for healing and blessed us with a free evaluation. We are excited to learn more and to help our bodies heal naturally the way God intended. Thanks, Waypoint, for being so amazing!"

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