Boston SEO Expert Bill Lentis Is Offering Search Engine Optimization Services

Bill Lentis, from Boston based Bill Lentis Media, is offering search engine optimization services to customers all over the country. The company shares its insights on its blog that has numerous articles on SEO tips, tricks, and best practices.

In one blog post, they discuss the relationship between SEO and content strategy. The blog post says that SEO is a marketing strategy that uses keywords to increase the visibility of the customer’s online content. In other words, it is a strategy used for digital marketing intended to increase digital content visibility. Content marketing, on the other hand, according to the blog post, is the collection of strategies employed to increase the visibility of the content on the digital scape. The blog post says that a digital marketer should know the importance of combining different marketing strategies like SEO in order to ensure success in the marketing of digital content.

In another blog post, they list the 5 qualities that are the most important for result-driven SEO companies. Firstly, for any business or blog that wants to achieve some level of success, the SEO company should have the professionalism and skills required for the best possible results. Second, they should have the experience to understand the nuts and crannies of SEO in every way. Third, the company should have a good reputation and refrain from using illegal methods to get traffic. Fourth, the company should refrain from using black-hat SEO methods to create fake traffic for the business. Lastly, the company should have good communication skills to talk to the business owner in terms of results, reports, and clearly asked questions.

In another blog post from Bill Lentis Media, the company mentions the key reasons that articles should not be rewritten as a way of getting more traffic. One such black-hat tactic used is article spinning. This is usually done over spinning software where an article is uploaded and new different copies come out. The article spinners usually include backlinks which are frowned upon by the main search engines in the market today. Search engines emphasize unique, readable, and relatable content and penalize the website if this is not the case. Article spinners are of very low quality and the final product is unreadable. The quality and meaning get lost when the article is spun. It is seen as an unfair practice and attracts negative search attention. Finally, there is already a deluge of such articles on the web.

In another blog post, the company talks about selecting the right keywords for SEO. The first tip is selecting keywords with volume because those key phrases and keywords will most likely be discovered higher on pages of the web search engines. The more this happens, the higher the total number of individuals visiting a site will be. The next point is researching prevailing trends. Analytics will demonstrate the important trends that the customer should identify and work with. The next point they mention is familiarity with the competition as the site needs to choose the keywords with less competition since this makes them unique and are therefore more interesting and more memorable. The next point is the value and strength of the keywords. The stronger the key phrases and keywords used, the better the outcomes will be. Finally, there should be some attention to past trends that allows one to predict the future.

Bill Lentis Media claims to have provided a 5-star digital marketing service for many big/small-named industries over 20 years such as Terminix, Roto-Rooter, Angie's List, Wayfair, and many others. They claim to be confident in their performance for their customers. They have month-to-month contracts that allow their customers to see an ROI sooner than expected. The latest announcements from the company can be followed on the Bill Lentis Media Press. The company can be reached at its email address at or its phone number at (617) 855-0747. The company’s main office is located at 33 Broad St #800, Boston, MA, 02109.


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