Boost Healthcare Marketing With Practice Bloom

Clifton, NJ-based PracticeBloom would like to offer their online marketing services to healthcare practitioners. The marketing agency provides online marketing aimed at increasing the online visibility of those in the medical field, with the goal being to make it so patients are more likely to visit a particular practitioner. Online marketing is necessary for anyone looking to draw in clientele, especially with most people being more likely to make use of the internet to find the services they need.

“The virtual space is a whole different world,” says PracticeBloom. “Your real-world healthcare practice reputation and brand mean very little to patients who are used to the active and aggressive marketing methods of social media and the Internet. For many patients online, a professional medical website with active content and social media is no longer just a bonus: it’s a necessity when searching for their preferred physicians. For any patient looking for the doctor they can trust, your marketing medical content and overall online presence is just as important as your healthcare experience and expertise. This means optimizing your website for curious patients, creating a steady knowledge base of reliable marketing medical content filled with valuable information and showing your potential new patients and current patients that your clinic is modern, active and ready to serve in whatever way your physicians can.”

PracticeBloom works to guarantee the success of their clients’ clinics using expert marketing techniques. Whatever the clinic’s marketing budget and patient goals, PracticeBloom can find the best way to increase email reach, maximize the client’s Google rank, optimize marketing content and improve the appearance of the client’s website to get the highest number of patients possible. PracticeBloom’s marketing methods also ensure that the growth their clients experience continues far into the future.

PracticeBloom offers an ‘end-to-end’ solution, and the marketing agency’s services are carefully curated for each client’s needs. Medical practice’s benefit from a marketing solution developed under one mind where everything works together, from social media to medical website development to the practice’s content marketing plan and beyond. PracticeBloom works with the industry leaders in EMR/HER, CRM, Billing, Email Marketing, Automation, Online Scheduling, Website Live Chat, Medical Content Creating and more to help their clients select the best option for each piece — and then tie them all together in a way that fits the practice’s marketing strategy.

Time is incredibly valuable. Practice Bloom understands this, so they always get to work on improving their clients’ online presence with immediate haste. The marketing agency’s implementation team is highly trained and knows how to get everything up and running in short order. Usually, it takes three days or less to get the marketing campaign on its way. Once everything is set up, PracticeBloom provides strategic direction based on the specific needs of their client.

PracticeBloom also helps clients with first impressions. Potential patients search for providers online and are more likely to choose the practice with the more attractive website. PracticeBloom’s team of expert web designers can produce high-performance medical practice websites that are guaranteed to be at the very top of Google search results.

A number of medical practitioners have used PracticeBloom’s services, and many in turn were so pleased with the marketing agency that they left testimonials on the agency’s Facebook page and several other platforms, discussing the agency’s efforts and how they helped increase the number of patients coming to their practice. Dr. Jeff Streegan, one of Practice Bloom’s clients, shares, “My practice has never been so busy. We started out doing our own SEO for a few years (with the help of some freelancers), but our rankings never really clicked. Then we met Matt and thought he knew his stuff, and gave him a shot. Just a few months later and we’re getting more calls than ever. And people are asking for every kind of cosmetic service we provide, not just the popular stuff.”

Another client, Dr. Kevin Booth, says, “SEO in our area has always felt impossible. There are a ton of chiropractors surrounding us, and they all have their own websites, so no matter what we did we couldn’t rank higher than page 3 or 4 on Google. But we heard about Practice Bloom from our network and how they specialized in healthcare SEO. Long story short — it’s been three years, and we regularly compete for our best keywords. Sometimes, I regret it, because with all this business, it’s hard to take a day off!”

Find out more on PracticeBloom’s YouTube channel. More information is available on their website as well.


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