Bobby Jivnani Plano Dental Shares Insight On Situations That Lead To Tooth Extraction

Plano, TX based dental clinic, Bobby Jivnani Plano Dental recently published a new article that aims to shed light on the situations that may lead to a tooth extraction. The clinic hopes that this information will help their community understand why the procedure is necessary in some cases and what they can do to avoid it.

Many people are afraid of having their teeth pulled out, but they may not realize that the effects of having a tooth that is too far gone are much more frightening. Situations in which tooth extraction is required often develop later on in life due to dental neglect, accidents or other errors. These could usually be prevented with the help of proper oral healthcare and other dental services. However, preventive care does not always happen, and tooth extraction may be required in some circumstances. The following are four examples where tooth extraction is needed.

The first situation is crowding or having insufficient gum space inside the mouth. This is usually a result of underdeveloped jaw bones. When people have this condition, they may develop teeth that are too large for the size and shape of their mouth. They may also have teeth emerge at odd angles and push against other teeth. Crowding can lead to intense discomfort and even persistent pain in more severe cases. Fortunately, crowding can be resolved by extracting the teeth that are causing crowding problems.

The next situation is the development of a mouth infection. Some may not realize just how dangerous mouth infections can be, but they are actually potentially worse than swollen red cuts on people’s knees. This is because of the fact that mouth infections can spread to the rest of the body. They can usually be treated using antibiotics, but there are certain cases where medications are no longer effective. This usually occurs when the mouth infection has already developed to an advanced stage. When the severely infected part of the mouth is a tooth, it may be best to have that infected tooth extracted as soon as possible. However, infected teeth do not have to be always extracted, especially if the issue is quickly addressed. Those who suspect they may have an infected tooth can book an appointment with Dr. Jivnani to get examined by a professional.

The third situation where tooth extraction is needed is when an individual has damaged teeth. Teeth can be irreversibly damaged due to heavy falls or face trauma. In some cases, it is better for people to get rid of damaged teeth than keep them. For most, it may be quite difficult to accept that they have to lose an entire tooth due to seemingly minor damage. However, keeping damaged teeth can lead to more dental issues in the future. For example, teeth may develop sharp edges depending on how they are chipped. This can cause mouth cuts and even tooth infections.

The last situation where tooth extraction is needed is when the individual experiences tooth pain. Tooth pain might be a result of an accident or a sign of serious dental issues, such as infections and congenital conditions. When a person experiences tooth pain, they should consult with a local orthodontist so that their teeth can be evaluated. In some cases, tooth pain is a sign that tooth extraction is needed. Those who wish to learn more about tooth extraction and other dental topics can check out the blog post at the Bobby Jivnani Plano Dental website.

The clicnic asserts that prevention is still better than undergoing tooth extraction. For this reason they advise people to take care of their teeth and take preventive measures to avoid dental issues. Bobby Jivnani Plano Dental is dedicated to offering the highest quality of dental service to their patients. They are happy to provide their patients with the dental services needed to keep teeth clean and healthy. Their thoughtful approach to providing dental services has earned them high praise from their patients.

For example, K. Orson writes in a 5-Star review, “I love how easy-going and helpful everyone at Dr. Jivnani's has always been. I can always get an appointment that suits my schedule. The treatment has been wonderful, caring and friendly. I've been to too many dentists who are cold and uncaring. I'll never switch.”

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