Bob Jenkins Pest & Lawn Services Warns that More Mosquitoes Are Likely to Plague South Texas Due to a Very Wet Summer

Bob Jenkins Pest & Lawn Services, a pest control company serving the greater San Antonio, TX area, has issued a warning that the mosquito population in south Texas is likely to drastically increase because of the very wet summer. In addition, the West Nile virus, which is the top cause of mosquito-borne diseases in the US, has been detected in the area recently. Fortunately, mosquito control systems are available to keep the mosquito population in the yard or home in check. The pest control company uses mosquito misting systems and repellents to protect the home against mosquitoes. More about this can be gleaned from their website.

A spokesperson for Bob Jenkins Pest & Lawn Services says, “With the very wet summer that we have been experiencing, you can expect more mosquitoes in our area. But don’t worry because the multi-faceted services offered by Mosquito Guard Pro will help rid of mosquitoes in the garden and yard. Our experienced team of professionals is ready to put together a plan of action that will resolve your pest problem once and for all.”

They offer two options to best suit the needs of homeowners and other property owners in the San Antonio area. One is the use of outside automatic misting systems while the other is regular pest control application inside the home that can help ward off any mosquitoes. It is important to know that temporary measures, such as zappers, bug bombs, candles, sound devices, and more don’t really work and are just a waste of money.

A key strategy in controlling and eliminating mosquitoes is minimizing and preventing their breeding areas. The team of experts from Bob Jenkins Pest & Lawn Services will inspect various areas in the yard or garden that are likely to be mosquito breeding grounds and they will provide tips on how to prevent them in the future.

Another important strategy is to limit the mosquitoes’ breeding capabilities. The less mosquitoes that are able to bite people, the less efficient their breeding will be because they need the isoleucine from blood to have a more efficient reproductive output. Without isoleucine, a female mosquito can only lay approximately 10 eggs but with isoleucine, it can lay about 100 eggs. Thus, the fewer mosquitoes are able to bite people, the less their population will be.

There are two basic methods used by Bob Jenkins Pest & Lawn Services to control mosquito populations. There is the once a month option, where they will treat the yard and those areas around the home that are likely to be used as mosquito breeding grounds. The solution they use will kill any mosquitoes that are found in those areas. They can also apply the solution around the perimeter of the yard.

The other option is the continuous mosquito control solution, which requires the installation of an automatic misting system, which is made of unnoticeable nylon tubing that connect to their water-resistant nozzles. This misting system will automatically release mosquito repellent during the day, with the result that mosquitoes will be effectively killed or repelled in all of the treated areas. The trained team members from Bob Jenkins Pest & Lawn Services will install the containers and nozzles in several areas of the home, choosing the locations based on where they will be required the most. One of the technicians will visit the home once a month, to ensure that the containers containing the liquid are full and that the nozzles are clean.

With either of the two options, homeowners and other property owners will notice a substantial decline in the mosquito population in their yard or garden. While a few mosquitoes will remain, their population will significantly decrease, thus reducing the chances of people catching any of those diseases that they can carry, such as the dengue virus, West Nile virus, and the Chikungunya virus.

Those who are interested in learning more about the mosquito control services provided by Bob Jenkins Pest & Lawn Services can check out their website or contact them on the phone or through email.


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