Blue Sky Scrubs Announces Summer Surgical Caps for Medical and Nursing

Blue Sky Scrubs, a seller of modernized surgical scrubwear, announced the release of their Summer scrub hats, with great new prints and patterns to suit summer fashions. These scrub hats are an essential part of many medical professionals’ wardrobes, as they keep hair out of the way, both protected from and prevented from interfering with whatever situations a doctor or nurse might encounter on the job. Because it is very important for hair to remain under a cap in certain medical situations, such as surgeries, Blue Sky Scrubs has designed three separate styles of surgical headwear, which they call the Pixie Scrub Hat, the Pony Scrub Hat, and the Poppy Scrub Hat.

The Pixie Scrub Hat is a classic style, with a flattering, streamlined cut. It can accommodate any length of hair. To use the pixie hat, a person simply needs to fold the edge of the hat, place it on their forehead, tuck their hair inside the hat, and tie a bow at the nape of their neck. All of the surgical caps sold by Blue Sky Scrubs are designed to stay in place and hold hair secure for an entire shift. The Pony Scrub Hat is, as the name implies, ideal for people who can hold their hair in a ponytail or bun. This design is proprietary and has been patented by Blue Sky Scrubs. The use of this cap is relatively simple. First, the back pouch portion of the hat needs to be cinched lightly with the ribbons. With hair tied back, the wearer then must place the hat on their forehead and tuck their bun or ponytail into the pouch. The ties are crossed under the bun, and the ribbons are cinched tight and tied in a bow on top of the ponytail. The back bun portion of the hat can then be fluffed, and any loose hairs tucked in to the sides of the hat.

The third surgical hat style from Blue Sky Scrubs, the Poppy, is their novel take on the traditional bouffant hat. This hat is much looser fitting than either the Pixie or the Pony, and works well with any length of hair. Blue Sky Scrubs offers two methods for styling the Poppy, the first of which involves a tighter fit, which is obtained by tying the ties of the hat on top of a ponytail or bun. The other suggestion is a more traditional bouffant look, which simply requires tucking hair into the hat and tying a bow at the nape of the neck to hold it all in. Any of these hats are great options for holding back hair for long nursing shifts at the hospital, surgical settings, or any other medical application where scrub hats are required. Blue Sky Scrubs sells their scrub hats and a variety of other scrub items on their website.

Blue Sky Scrubs is based in Austin, Texas, and are committed to delivering awesome scrubs to awesome medical professionals. Not only are their scrubs fair trade and ethically made, they also give a portion of their high quality scrubwear to medical missions and medical professionals in regions that are underserved by health care systems. The company also aims to innovate and introduce new ideas to their scrubwear products to keep their awesome medical professional customers happy.

Medical scrubs first came into use in the 1940s, as the science of wound infection advanced and aseptic techniques became a standard part of operation procedures. Doctors, nurses, surgeons, and others would wear sterilized garments after cleaning themselves, to ensure a clean environment for surgery. Originally, these garments were white, to emphasize cleanliness, but the combination of white clothes and bright lights often led to eye strain in surgeons and staff. For this reason, most hospitals switched to clothing in shades of green to allow for a high contrast environment. Scrubs are required in many operating room settings, and are used by many other doctors and medical professionals in various locations.


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