Bliss Drive Partners Up With Divorce Mediation of California

Divorce Mediation of California, based in Newport Beach, CA, has announced a new partnership with the digital marketing agency, Bliss Drive. Bliss Drive is also located in California, with offices in Irvine, CA and Los Angeles, CA. With this new partnership, the team at Divorce Mediation of California is hoping to spread their message that a divorce can be settled easily, amicably and quickly to divorcing couples all across the state of California that are looking for a better alternative to divorce court.

Divorce Mediation of California is owned and founded by a specialist in family law matters who has experience with thousands of cases including mediations, collaborative cases and litigated matters. She is a family law attorney and a Certified Family Law Specialist, State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization. To provide a high-quality, one-stop solution for divorcing couples, the team at Divorce Mediation consists of attorneys, mental health professionals and accountants specialized in handling all aspects of family law matters.

The holistic team at Divorce Mediation of California allows them to provide a full suite of divorce mediation services, so divorcing couples can simply pay a flat fee and avoid lengthy and time-consuming divorce court litigation. Some of the services Divorce Mediation of California provides, in addition to video conference sessions, are Dissolution/Divorce, Legal Separation, Modification of Prior Orders, Premarital Agreements, and Postnuptial Agreements. To learn more about their services, interested readers can click here.

For divorcing couples willing to cooperate, a mediated divorce guided by the team at Divorce Mediation of California can typically be completed within a few weeks of filing. This is in comparison to a litigated divorce, which “takes an average of 18 months to go through the court system,” according to the Divorce Mediation of California website. The site also points out that with recent “court budget cutbacks and the large volume of cases each department is now expected to handle, that time frame to finalize a divorce case is getting longer all the time.”

Divorcing couples in the State of California can contact Divorce Mediation of California by telephone at (949) 333-9412. Divorce Mediation of California is proud to offer a free initial consultation to allow any interested parties the opportunity to explore their divorce mediation options risk-free.

Readers interested in learning more about Bliss Drive, the California-based digital marketing agency helping businesses boost their online visibility, can view the Bliss Drive website here:

For more information about Divorce Mediation of California, contact the company here:


For more information about Divorce Mediation of California, contact the company here:

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