Black Owned Moving Company Offers Moving Services In Chicago

RMS Moving Company would like to inform Chicago, IL, residents of the company’s moving services. Moving is a difficult process at the best of times and can often remain so even with the help of a professional. However, the moving experience can be drastically improved by choosing a professional with both the experience and resources to help clients achieve their moving goals, and this is exactly the role RMS fulfills within their community. The Chicago company is widely considered the preferred moving service in Chicago, trusted by many to provide reliable service for commercial clients as well as those looking to move from one Chicago home to another.

They offer their house moving services to an extensive part of the greater Chicago area. The company says, “RMS Moving Company’s goal is quite simple and straightforward: to let our professional house moving service care for you as you do your house to home moving. Moving can be a nerve-wracking experience under the best times. For this reason, our in-house movers in Chicago provide a house moving service that’s stress-free and as seamless as possible. We adapt to situations at hand, and can fully accommodate a lot of same-day moving requests. Let us help you.”

With RMS Moving Company, an excellent moving experience is always assured. By staying in constant communication with their clients and planning out each moving operation meticulously, RMS Moving Company ensures that every job goes according to plan. Planning and communication are critical, and this approach has been key to the company’s success over the years.

RMS is a family-owned business, started in the fall of 2013 after its founder, Malcolm Rogers, graduated from Northern Illinois University. Rogers says, “I had been working with furniture for a few years and knew I had something special that I could offer clients in their time of stress. I wanted to provide a high-end moving service to clients and become known for a true white glove moving service. We have a vision and mission statement for the company and strive to meet the standards that are set in front of us. We truly are a passionate team that loves serving the great community and providing an ease for our clients in what could be the most stressful time of their life.”

Clients can get a free estimate by filling out RMS’s online quote form. They need only fill in the form with the needed information, and a qualified member of the RMS team will get in contact with a free estimate of the cost of moving. The company’s services also extend to offices, helping businesses move their office furniture and other items, should they decide to move to a new location. The company has trained office movers who understand the value of their clients’ time. As with their home moving services, RMS’s office moving services are guaranteed to be stress-free and efficient.

The company has built a reputation among Chicago residents for providing reliable service and upholding an excellent standard of customer service. Jaclyn Allen says about their experience, “I had the opportunity to work with this company for the move to my new home. After weeks of searching, I settled on this company as their rates couldn’t be beat. Upfront pricing, so there were no surprises. The company was very helpful regarding preparing for my move. Most of all, they were accommodating as my closing was pushed back and I had to have my mover reschedule (which was done at no charge) My movers (Rey and his crew) were absolutely the best! They played no games, getting me packed up and unloaded. They also took excellent care of my belongings and my home. I think I may have had one or two scratches for a whole 3-bedroom move! I would definitely use them again if the need should arise!”

Verner C. praises the company in their review as well, saying, “I never regret using them for my moving services. They are speedy yet careful with the stuff. professional, and very efficient and cautious with moving stuff. I recommend them very highly!”

Find out more about the Chicago moving company and their services on their website. They are always happy to help any Chicago client make their next move with speed and care.


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