Bird Informer Shares Useful Insight For Birdwatching Enthusiasts

Roswell, GA-based Bird Informer is reaching out to share the benefit of their expertise with bird lovers around the country. Bird Informer is a top resource for everything to do with watching birds, attracting birds to one’s backyard and watching bird live cams.

As noted on their website, the platform aims to provide hobbyists with the best information out there on everything about birds. They also publish articles that educate people about ornithology — the study of birds. For instance, one of their latest articles explores ‘What is Suet for Birds and Why Wild Birds Love It,’ which birdwatchers will find an incredibly illuminating read.

Birds require a great deal of energy and heat, which they mostly get from the food they eat. Bird feed is usually fine for feeding birds, but there are times when it is not sufficient for their requirements. Birds have several potential food sources for getting their energy and heat — but one of their favorites is Suet.

Suet is one type of bird food that many bird enthusiasts love to use when they are trying to attract a wide variety of birds. Suet is not only very popular, it is also extremely nutritious for birds. It is a great source of energy, heat and calories that birds need for their survival. Suet is also a great replacement for nutrition and calories when the winter season arrives. It is very useful in the wintertime for insect-eating birds because many insects tend to hide away during the colder months.

As noted in the article, it is okay to feed birds Suet in its rawest form, but many bird enthusiasts prefer feeding and attracting birds with Suet cakes. Suet cakes are usually made by mixing rendered animal fat with other foods and ingredients that are helpful for the bird’s nutrition. There are several types, shapes and sizes of Suet cakes, and they can also be either made from scratch or readily premade for easy consumption. Bird Informer recommends the high-energy Suet cakes made by Wildlife Sciences from beef Suet, cracked corn and ingredients that attract wild birds. These Suet cakes can be purchased on Amazon.

People may also choose to make their own Suet cakes. This allows them to customize the Suet cakes that can help attract certain types of birds. Making their own Suet cakes also allows hobbyists to be 100% sure that no additives and preservatives have gone into the food that they will feed to the birds. Moreover, making Suet cakes is a relatively simple process. One only needs to prep fat, render the fat and strain the Suet. Suet is also a perfect match for other treats, such as peanut butter and nuts. Storing Suet cakes is also extremely easy, as they can be kept for several months inside a freezer. Bird lovers can learn more about making Suet cakes and other useful bird-related information by keeping in touch with Bird Informer on Facebook.

Those who want to try presenting Suet to wild birds can use one of the easiest methods of offering Suet or Suet cakes by smearing them on the backs of trees. This works because it gives birds a chance to eat the food while having branches to perch on. However, people may face a problem with this method due to the pests that love to hang around in people’s backyards. In response, Bird Informer recommends the method of serving Suet with a Suet feeder. Suet feeders are cage-like boxes that serve the purpose of allowing people to feed Suet to birds without much difficulty. Bird Informer recommends a Suet feeder made from cedar wood, with a rust-free mesh cage that can be hung on any tree. It also features a center section from which regular bird seed can be dispensed.

Suet is not only helpful to birds. It can also help bird enthusiasts attract many kinds of wild birds to their backyard. The birds that are attracted to Suet are the Black-Billed Magpie, Blue Jay, Clark’s Nutcracker, European Starling and Blue Tit. Other birds, like the Eurasian Bullfinch, Tufted Titmouse, American Robin, Gray Catbird and Hooded Oriole also love to eat Suet. Downy Woodpecker, Pileated Woodpecker and Red-Headed Woodpecker are also attracted to Suet.

In conclusion, Suet is one of the best foods that bird enthusiasts can use to feed and attract wild birds in any season. Not only will birds love the Suet, enthusiasts can also enjoy the sight of a wide variety of wild birds. Those who want to learn more about birdwatching, attracting birds and so on may visit Bird Informer’s website for additional details.


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